Melania Trump’s Ex BFF Blasts Ivanka As ‘Donald In A Suit’ & Says Family ‘Don’t Show Emotion’

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff revealed she thinks all of the Trumps, including Ivanka, 'are taught to be Trumps' and 'unapologetically skin deep', in a new podcast interview.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, 50, revealed details on the alleged rocky relationship between Donald Trump‘s wife, Melania Trump, 50, and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, 39, as well as how ‘all the Trumps ‘disrespect each other’, in a new telling interview. The former best friend of the First Lady and author of Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, started off talking about how the family members spent their first few days of the administration and mentioned one “tone-deaf” move she thinks Ivanka made.

“Melania didn’t come to D.C. that week, but Ivanka stayed and Donald stayed there. And all of a sudden, that’s the weekend, Donald signs the immigration, what was it called? The ban,” she said on the latest episode of The New Abnormal. “Yes. Ivanka shows Finding Dory. Now, if you couldn’t be more tone-deaf. Children were being separated from their parents. And here you’re screening a film where again, this trout fish is being separated from its mother.”

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff called Ivanka Trump ‘Donald in a suit’ in her latest interview. (MEGA)

The outspoken ex-senior advisor went on to explain she thinks Ivanka’s shocking move is because she’s “a mixture” of “dumb and evil.”

“Listen, I say it as it is. I think it’s a mixture. I really do,” she answered after host Molly Jong-Fast brought up the “dumb” and “evil” question. “I think that Ivanka is Donald in a suit, right? All of the Trumps are taught to be Trumps. They don’t show emotion.”

“A Trump is a Trump because they are authentically and unapologetically skin deep, and also self-serving,” she continued. “And their attitudes and disrespect for each other is, again, you have to get inside to see it.”

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is the former best friend and senior adviser to Melania Trump. (MEGA)

Stephanie further explained how that “inside” consists of Ivanka “overstepping” and “impinging” on her stepmom, Melania‘s “duties.”

“So [Ivanka] impinged on Melania’s duties while overstepping her rank and boundaries,” the fashion executive claimed. “And I mean that in a sense like she poached individuals that were for the East Wing, that we were vetting to have—Kayleigh McEnany, Mercedes Schlapp. I mean, these were people Melania was looking to bring in.”

“We called [Ivanka] the serial poacher,” she added. “It was deceptive. But you don’t go and hire people that the First Lady’s looking to bring in. The princess wanted to render Melania irrelevant. And you know, Melania refers to them as ‘snakes,’ Jared [Kushner] and Ivanka, and they’ll do anything to get what they want. And they do.”

Stephanie concluded her discussion about the Trumps by explaining that although Ivanka and her husband Jared portray themselves as fit for a position in the U.S. government (she’s currently Advisor to the President while he’s senior advisor), they’re just as “qualified” as Melania is.

“What was particularly galling, not only to us but also to Melania, was that Ivanka and Jared were no more qualified to be engaged in any governing of the country than she was,” she said. “Not that any of us that had never held those positions.”

“So to hear Ivanka put her name in the same sentence, as working with [former White House Chief of Staff] General [John] Kelly, it’s like, ‘Oh my God, how could you even?’ Who would do that? Who would just be so disrespectful to say something like that?” she added. “And I think she genuinely thinks it and believes it.”

Part two of Stephanie’s interview with The New Abnormal comes out next week and is set to air two unreleased previously-unheard tapes of conversations between Stephanie and Melania.

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