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Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie, 23, Shows Off Stripper Pole Moves: ‘I’m Taking My Body Back’

In an inspiring new video, Gracie McGraw shows off her intense workout on a stripper pole as she works on 'strengthening' her body.

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Gracie McGraw, 23, took to Instagram on Nov. 19 to share a video of one of the workouts she’s been using to make herself feel ‘powerful.’ The 23-year-old daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill posted a video of herself circling around a stripper pole, WHICH YOU CAN SEE HERE. In the clip, she’s wearing her underwear and a white tank top. Gracie also shared a powerful message in the video’s caption.

“This is for ME!” she revealed. “I’m strengthening and taking my body back. This makes me feel POWERFUL AND ABLE. I honestly never thought I’d be able to hold myself up so this is a big win for me. I’m proud of myself. This is the best workout for my body and mind. I feel in charge and like a freaking boss. I think this is called a sit and I’m probably doing it wrong but I’m learning. If you judge women for using THEIR own bodies to do what they want, then you suck.”

tim mcgraw faith hill family
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill with their three daughters. (SplashNews)

This comes a month and a half after Gracie shared a powerful video of herself in a bikini on Instagram. She wore a strapless two-piece and proudly pointed out her rolls and stretch marks. The purpose of the video was to empower women to love and embrace their bodies, which is something that Gracie admittedly had a hard time doing until now.

“I’ve hated these parts of my body ever since I can remember,” she explained. “And some of the time I still wish they looked different. BUT we are constantly learning to love and evolve.” She added, “I truly cannot believe how far I’ve come on this journey of loving myself. I wanted to post this as a reminder to me and to anyone who needs it that those bad feelings will pass. Every body is beautiful! Rolls are beautiful! Hip dips rule!! Remember to laugh or smile today and think of something you enjoy about yourself.”

Gracie is Tim and Faith’s oldest daughter. She also has two younger sisters, Maggie, who is 22, and Audrey, who is 18. Tim and Faith are clearly extremely proud of all three of their children, which they’ve made clear on social media a number of times over the years. Family goals, for sure!