Kelsey Lamb Shows The Power Of Love In Her Uplifting ‘Say It Again’: This Video ‘Gave Me Butterflies’

In ‘one of the cooler experiences’ in her life, country singer Kelsey Lamb had real couples profess their love in her new ‘Say It Again’ video, an experience she tells HL EXCLUSIVELY was oh so ‘magical.’

Even though we all know how amazing love is, sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of how incredible it can be when you find someone worthy of your heart and affection. Kelsey Lamb gives three such couples a chance to reconnect in “Say It Again,” her new music video. In the visual, premiering here on HollywoodLife, the first two couples – Justin and Meredith, who are dating, and the married Nate and Brooke – sit opposite from each other and tell how they met. They also share what they like best about their partners and how much their love means to them.

Kelsey isn’t afraid to put herself under the microscope. She and her significant other, Taylor, sit down to reveal how they first started writing songs together. From there, a friendship bloomed and grew into a love that just radiates off the screen in “Say It Again.” With the openness and love from these couples, the video is a perfect match for Kelsey’s charming and heartful song.

Logen Christopher

“Creating the music video for ‘Say It Again’ was one of the cooler experiences I’ve had,” she tells HollywoodLife. “The director behind the video, Logen Christopher, truly brought the story to life in a really unique way, bringing couples in and videoing their reactions to hearing what their significant other had to say about them. My boyfriend Taylor and I even acted like one of those couples. It was really magical to watch, and then to see it all edited together – it gave me butterflies.”

“‘Say It Again’ is actually the first song I’ve ever released that I wasn’t a writer on,” Kelsey tells HollywoodLife. “I got really lucky because three of my good friends in town actually wrote the song. I had heard them play it many, many times before finally realizing that it was the song I needed – not only because it was a great song, but it was actually the missing piece I needed to complete the story I was trying to tell with my music of being heartbroken, then falling in love again. It really pulled everything I was doing together.”

Speaking of pulling things together, “Say It Again” is anchored by Kelsey’s singing while sitting on a couch. The country music songstress – who you might recognize from 2017’s A Very Country Christmas – tells HL that these performance scenes were more perilous than they look. “While we were shooting the video — and this is something no one would ever know just watching the video — I sat on a sofa for the performance scenes. That sofa was in an ally and near a massive bush of bees – talk about my biggest fear. So, the entire time we shot the performance scene, I was living out my worst nightmare – being swarmed by bees!”

Thankfully, the only one swarming Kelsey was her beau. And fans can swarm Kelsey online by checking out her music online. In addition to “Say It Again,” she’s also put out a handful of tracks like “Talk To Me,” “Where Do You Go,” What If I Never Get Over You,” and an alternate take of “Little By Little.” With more music on the way, fans can get excited to play it again – or, in this case, “Say It Again.”

“Sat It Again” is out now.

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