Kelsea Ballerini Claps Back Over Criticism Of Her CMT Awards Performance With Halsey

Kelsea Ballerini responded to haters who were not fans of her CMT Awards performance of 'The Other Girl.' The singer took to her Instagram with an epic message, telling haters to 'politely shut up.'

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Kelsea Ballerini had some words for haters who didn’t like her CMT Awards performance of “The Other Girl,” featuring Halsey. The country crooner, 27, took to Instagram on October 22, just one day after the awards ceremony, to share her thoughtful, empowering response to critics. “After reading way too many comments, I’d like to remind people that there are different kinds of country music and none are more ‘real’ than others when it comes from an honest place,” she began the message, featured in a text box over a photo of Kelsea in her glasses and a tie-dye sweatshirt offering a thumbs up to readers.

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The singer also reminded haters “that women can wear whatever we want and shouldn’t be called names and criticized for it, and that if you don’t have something nice to say, politely shut up.” Kelsea earned a lot of love and praise from her fan base, who took to the comment section of the post to applaud the artist. “Love you, the country genre has always been ever changing. you don’t have to explain your art to anyone, keep doing you,” one fan wrote. Others totally agreed with the songstress, adding, “haters gonna hate. But you continue to slay over all those haters.”

Slay is exactly what Kelsea did the night of the CMT Awards on October 21. The country star and pop singer Halsey tore up the stage with their live rendition of “The Other Girl.” Both women wore hot leather outfits and performed in a staged version of a bar at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. It was one of the hottest performances of the night, and Kelsea and Halsey gave it everything they had.

Halsey, Kelsea Ballerini
Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey perform ‘The Other Girl’ during the CMT Awards on October 21 [Getty Images for CMT].
Some viewers watching the CMT Awards from home, however, were none too pleased with the performance. A number of haters stormed comment sections of the footage, criticizing everything from Kelsea and Halsey’s outfits, to the style of the song. Fortunately, both Halsey and Kelsea’s incredible fan bases came out in droves to rave about the women and the work they did on stage.

A number of fans dubbed the performance “amazing,” while others defended Kelsea and Halsey for what they were wearing and singing about. Kelsea, of course, had the last word. The country crooner earned three CMT Award nominations the night of the ceremony, and walked away with one of the most talked about performances. Fans love that Kelsea always stands her ground, and we cannot wait to see how she innovates the country music genre and changes up the scene for the rest of her career!

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