Pete Buttigieg Calmly Destroys Mike Pence With ‘Porn Star’ Diss In Epic Pre-Debate Chat — Watch

Pete Buttigieg calmly and quietly shaded Mike Pence during a pre-debate interview, implying that the Vice President is a hypocrite for being Christian and still working with Trump.

Mike Pence Pete Buttigieg
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Image Credit: Robert Franklin/South Bend Tribune/AP

Pete Buttigieg ended an interview on Fox News with guns blazing, shocking his interviewers into silence with an expert, shady dig at Vice President Mike Pence. Buttigieg, 38, appeared on the program hours before the October 7 VP debate to stump for Kamala Harris, when he was asked how the senator would justify changing her stances on policy issues after becoming Joe Biden‘s running mate. Buttigieg went full Midwestern shady with his answer, never losing his calm.

“Well, there’s a classic parlor game of trying to find a little daylight between running mates,” the former South Bend, Indiana mayor began. “And if people want to play that game, then we could look into why an evangelical Christian like Mike Pence wants to be on a ticket with a president caught with a porn star, or how he feels about the immigration policy that he called ‘unconstitutional’ before he decided to team up with Donald Trump. If folks want to play that game, we could do it all night.

“But I think what most Americans want to hear about is,” Buttigieg continued, calm as ever. “Are our families going to be better protected than they have been by this president, who’s failed to secure America in the face of one of the most dangerous things ever to happen to our country?” His answer clearly threw off his interviewers, who had to take a beat before moving on.

Mike Pence Pete Buttigieg
VP Mike Pence, then the Indiana Governor, speaks to Mayor Pete Buttigieg after an event in South Bend, 4/1/13 (Robert Franklin/South Bend Tribune/AP)

Buttigieg ran for president against both Harris and Biden in the 2020 Democrat primaries, but ultimately dropped out in March. He quickly endorsed Biden and began working with the former vice president, and later, Harris. He even reportedly helped Harris prepare for the October 7 event, standing in as Pence during mock debates.

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