Emma Chamberlain Reveals Inspiration Behind ‘Dream Come True’ Coffee Brand & How She’s ‘Thinking Outside The Box’

Chamberlain Coffee is finally here! Emma Chamberlain spoke to HL about the inspiration behind her love for coffee & more!

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Launching Chamberlain Coffee was a ‘dream come true’ for Emma Chamberlain, 19, whose many other milestones include winning Shorty Awards, being named on TIME’s 100 Next list and nabbing a spot on Variety’s 2020 Power of Young Hollywood list. The Gen Z influencer called the launch of her coffee brand “so surreal” and “a dream since I was little” in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. Among the several collaborations and endorsements she’s done throughout her career, Emma made it clear that this “passion project” was one of her most exciting endeavors.

“Ever since I started drinking coffee and started going to cafes as kind of an escape for me, this was a dream of mine,” she explained. “I’ve always wanted to do something with coffee, whether that was be a barista or this, which is 10 times cooler for me.”

Emma Chamberlain poses with her Chamberlain Coffee. (Jack Strutz)

She continued, “It’s moments like this that make everything make sense… there’s so many different elements in my career and being able to make this dream come true for me, because of the other things that I’ve done — it’s really just so cool that I can make them all work together.” Emma’s Chamberlain Coffee is organic, environmentally conscious, and available in single steeped bags, ground and whole bean options.

“I am still learning so much about the actual mechanics of coffee making and tasting and how all of it works, but it was so exciting to break everything down, taste every individual origin and think about what elements I liked of each,” Emma told HL. “The fact that I’ve been able to learn about this has just been so exciting. It’s just honestly a lot of trial and error. Tasting something and being like I don’t like that but I do like one part of it, then maybe mixing it with another.”

(Jack Strutz)

While Emma isn’t sure what’s next for the brand, she wants to ensure it’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly. “We really prioritize our impact on the environment, and so we try to make sure that every single product we have is thoughtful of that, and it definitely makes it harder to create new products. You kind of have to go outside of the box a little bit to make sure that you’re being mindful,” she said. “But who knows, the sky is the limit!”

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