Candace Cameron Bure Says She’s Thrilled Her Husband’s ‘Still Grabbing My Boob’: I’m ‘Pretty Happy’

Candace Cameron Bure couldn't be happier that her husband loves to get handsy, just like in their infamous IG pic!

Candace Cameron Bure Val Bure
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In case she didn’t make it clear enough already, Candace Cameron Bure isn’t paying the haters any attention. The Fuller House star, 44, spoke to TMZ about that photo, the one she posted to Instagram that showed husband Val Bure fully grabbing her breast as she grinned. Frankly, she doesn’t see why people made such a big deal out of a married couple goofing around and having fun! “It’s so silly to me that it went viral,” she said. “If my husband is still grabbing my boobs after 24 years of marriage what is there to complain about?”


Her photo, originally posted to her Instagram Story in early September, caused a minor uproar amongst some disapproving fans, who questioned why Candace, a devout Christian, would post the “inappropriate image.” You can see it for yourself below — it’s pretty tame! Candace doubled down and reposted the photo, this time on her Instagram feed, with a caption poking fun at the haters: “sweet and spicy, 24 years and counting.” She included a winking emoji and hands.

“I’m pretty happy that he’s grabbing me,” Candace told TMZ. “You know what I mean? I think there are a lot more important things going on in the world than this photo. But there were a lot of supportive people who were like, ‘right on, this is a fun marriage.’ We try to keep it fun and spicy, and that’s why I think we’re still together.” She revealed that it was actually her son who took the somewhat scandalous pic, but didn’t specify whether she meant Val, 20, or Maksim, 18.

While some kids would be grossed out about their parents’ PDA, Candace swears that the boys are all good with it. “Val and I, we love showing affection toward one another and our kids are not embarrassed by it, either,” Candace explained. “They know us, and I think we promote a very healthy relationship in our marriage in that way.”

Candace Cameron Bure Val Bure
Val Bure and Candace Cameron Bure pose on the red carpet at Wango Tango 2016 (AP)

Candace recently stopped by the HollywoodLife podcast (listen HERE) to talk all things Fuller House. The Netflix reboot of the hit 1990s series just ended after five seasons, and fans are already dying for more DJ Tanner. She’s happy with the way things ended, she told us EXCLUSIVELY that she has “definitely has not said goodbye to DJ Tanner.” She said she’s seen fan petitions to bring back the series, and teased, “if fans keep wanting it, I have no doubt that the network’s will hear it and do something about it.”

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