Adelaine Morin Basks In The Glory Of Telling ‘Boy Bye’ To A Toxic Love In Fierce New Video ‘SPF50’

Why get shady when you can get sunny? Adelaine Morin ditches all the boys wasting her time for some 'strong and independent' girlfriends in 'SPF50,' a song she tells HollywoodLife is 'Near and dear' to her heart.

Things are looking bright for Adelaine Morin and her friends in “SPF50,” the new video from the singer, influencer, and YouTube sensation. In this colorful visual – premiering here on HollywoodLife – Adelaine puts all those “broken” boys on blast. You know the kind – the ones, as Adelaine puts it, that want you to “post it / so your mom thinks he’s a nice guy,” but lose their cool if they ever see you “talk to other guys.” With four of her besties by her side, Adelaine says that if your romance “feels like shade in the summer,” but you “like it hotter,” it’s time to ditch that loser and “find some deeper waters.”

“If you’re the sun / that boy’s SFP50,” sings Adelaine, delivering a knockout of a line in this dreamy bop. The video is as enchanting as the song, but for Adelaine, there’s one moment that she loves most of all. “My favorite scene to record was definitely the girls’ dance scene,” Adelaine tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Nothing can stop a group of fierce, strong, independent girls supporting girls.”

Can you guess her favorite color? Hint: it’s yellow (Andre Nguyen)

“‘SPF 50; is the first single and music video drop of my EP [Stages],” she adds. “It’s near and dear to my heart because it’s so easy to lose sight of your worth and what you deserve. ‘SPF 50’ is for all the girls out there thinking about going back to their toxic ex. Tell that boy BYE!”

Many will be saying hello to Adelaine when she releases her debut EP, Stages, on Oct. 16. Before that, she’ll release a new song, “Ctrl Alt Delete,” on Sept. 25, with its official music video dropping the same day as her EP. Before “SPF50,” this multi-media sensation released “Nobody Cares About Your Instagram” in June, and the track amassed over 160k plays in less than a month. In March, she dropped “Hot Mess” on YouTube, and it’s racked up over 282k. Last year, she made a splash with her song, “Yellow.” The track, written about her favorite color (and how she refuses to “stay in the blue” when she could choose to be cheery instead), has more than 1.7 million views since its initial release.

Adelaine is a bright ray of sunshine (Holly Obee)

Born and raised in Toronto, Adelaine is on her way to achieving the goal of becoming your “Internet Big Sister.” She has an international following of over 4.6 million across all the platforms. Her keen eye, drive for success, and savvy business sense has resulted in a clothing line, a signature Wildflower case, an Adelaine x Tarte collaboration, and her #GirlsSUpportingGirls merch line.

As seen in “SPF50,” the theme of female empowerment can be found in everything she does. Adelaine has spoken out for greater gender equality and has promoted inclusivity — in terms of race and differently-abled bodies – with all of her projects. #GirlsSupportingGIrls is more than a hashtag for her.

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