Millie Bobby Brown, 16, Channels Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Friends’ Character In Stunning W Magazine Photoshoot

Millie Bobby Brown portrayed her 'favorite' character from 'Friends' in a new W Magazine spread. See the photos where she channeled Jennifer Aniston's Rachel!

Millie Bobby Brown
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Image Credit: Charlie Brown

Take a seat in Central Perk because Rachel is back! In a stunning photo spread by W Magazine, actress Millie Bobby Brown donned ’90s-inspired garb and channeled her “favorite” Friends character — Rachel Green. Millie wore a cream-colored Giu Giu turtleneck and plaid skirt owned by the shoot’s stylist with LaBucq boots. Millie’s brother, Charlie Brown, was the photographer for the photoshoot.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown poses as Rachel from ‘Friends’ [Charlie Brown].
When speaking with the outlet on why she chose Rachel, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston on the Emmy-winning ’90s and early aughts NBC sitcom, Millie said that she thought of Rachel as “an icon. Rachel is my favorite,” the 16-year-old explained. “After all, she has a hairstyle named after her. I dream of people saying, ‘I want the Eleven! Or the Enola!’ I want my own hairstyle,” she giddily told the outlet.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown channels Rachel from ‘Friends’ [Charlie Brown].
Enola is, of course, a reference to Millie’s latest starring role. In her upcoming Netflix vehicle, Millie stars as Enola Holmes in the eponymous film. As Enola, Millie’s character embarks on a journey of discovery and sleuthing to find her mother [Helena Bonham Carter] who seemingly vanishes into thin air. All the while her older brothers, Sherlock [Henry Cavill] and Mycroft [Sam Claflin] try to track her down, and dissuade her from a life of solving mysteries. “There are two paths you can take, Enola. Yours or the path others choose for you,” her mother tells her in the latest trailer.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston in a promotional photo as Rachel Green from ‘Friends’ [Courtesy Everett Collection].
Millie not only stars in her upcoming film based on the novel by Nancy Springer, she also acted as producer behind the camera, along with a number of producing partners. As star, though, there was one element Millie wasn’t particularly thrilled about. “Yes, and that was the first corset I ever had to wear. I had a 20-inch waist in the corset. I thought, Wow! This is a fashion moment! But then I had to wear it while doing stunts, and I’d ask my costar Helena Bonham Carter, who has worn many corsets, ‘Why can’t I breathe?’ I hope corsets never come back in style,” she shared with the mag, although she did notice how much her figure changed in the garment.

Along with Enola Holmes on deck, Millie and her Stranger Things cast members are anxiously awaiting their return to the upside down for the Netflix series’ fourth season. Millie’s portrayal of Eleven on the scif-fi, coming-of-age drama skyrocketed her to fame and critical acclaim, earning her two Emmy nominations — her first at just the age of 13! Now, Millie looks poised for an exciting new chapter in her professional career, and we cannot wait to see what she has in store.

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