Katie Holmes & Emilio Vitolo Pull Down Their Masks For Another Hot Make Out Session In NYC — Pics

Katie Holmes and her new man Emilio Vitolo Jr. put on quite a PDA show at his NYC restaurant. They passionately kissed in front of fellow diners and his own dad.

After having a secret, ultra private relationship with actor Jamie Foxx for six years, Katie Holmes seems determined to live her new romance out in the open. The 41-year-old actress looks head over heels for chef and restaurateur Emilio Vitolo Jr. and is happy with the entire world knowing about it. She visited him on Sept. 8 at his family’s New York City restaurant Emilio’s Ballato and the two passionately put on quite a PDA display outside of the eatery’s front door. You can see the photos here. It is their third high profile romantic love-fest in a week!

The couple openly made out with their arms locked around each other and their face masks pulled down. Katie was smiling from ear to ear when her lips weren’t touching Emilio. The hunky 33-year-old could be seen in another photo looking deep into the Batman Begins star’s eyes so lovingly, while she put one arm around his neck and had another resting on his chest, returning his feelings.

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes seen at a celebration in her honor at The Butterfly at Sixty Soho in NYC on Feb. 2, 2020. Photo credit: SplashNews

Emilio’s dad was even seen near the entryway to the restaurant, but seemed to try to turn away to give his son and Katie some privacy, at least from his eyes. But all other diners got to see how absolutely crazy these two are for each other. Some patrons even walked past the couple while they were wrapped in each other’s arms, and Katie and Emilio didn’t even notice. Their eyes were locked on each other, in their own love bubble.

Katie was wearing the identical outfit that she was photographed in the same day she took daughter Suri Cruise, 14, on a frozen yogurt run. She was wearing the same boyfriend jeans, green mules and pink gingham face mask that she wore while walking Suri home with her sweet treat. The only thing missing was the white cable knit sweater that Katie had on over her grey t-shirt, as Katie was wearing just the tee only while visiting Emilio.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri Cruise for frozen yogurt the same day she visited new love Emilio Vitolo at his NYC restaurant. She even wore the same outfit.
Photo credit: SplashNews

Katie even carried the same over the shoulder knit bag and had her hair up in the same loose bun. Emilio was holding a to-go cup of coffee in his loved up photos with Katie. It appeared that the thoughtful Miss Meadows star might have stopped by his restaurant to bring Emilio a jolt of caffeine to help him through his work day.

Katie and Emilio were first photographed having a romantic lunch on Sept. 2 at SoHo’s Antique Garage. She smiled and laughed so hard during their conversation, and even reached over to hold his hand. At that point he was a “mystery man,” until his identity was revealed as a chef who is pals with a number of celebrities. On Emilio’s Instagram page, he’s shown posing with famous diner friends including Danny Devito, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lenny Kravitz and David Schwimmer. In the above photo, he’s seen on the right of Lenny, while his dad Emilio Sr. is on the other side of the rocker. And in the photo below it, Emilio has his arm around proud patron, President Barack Obama, who dined with his daughter Malia. Emilio keeps seriously A-list company.

Katie and Emilio were then officially going hot and heavy during a Sept. 6 dinner date at Peasant Restaurant in NYC. She sat on his lap as the two openly made out at an outdoor table. Both were dressed down in white t-shirts and Katie again had her hair up in a messy bun, along with light makeup. It’s so great to see Katie happy and so crazy about a guy that she’s not afraid to hide it at all. After six years of dating in secret with Jamie, it must come as a relief for Katie to show her feelings out in the open for someone.

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