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Jessica Simpson Reveals The Easy Workout She Used To Drop 100 Lbs. Post Baby #3 – Interview

Jessica Simpson is in the best shape of her life & she revealed to HL EXCLUSIVELY, the easy workout she does during quarantine to stay fit!

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It is no secret that Jessica Simpson, 40, has the most fabulous figure and she shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the workout she’s been doing during quarantine to stay in shape. Jessica spoke to HL about her new partnership with Pfizer for EUCRISA, a topical eczema medication, when she admitted that she hasn’t been working out with a trainer because of the pandemic, but the one workout she does every day is going for walks and counting her steps. “I like to like track my steps, keep myself accountable, and to just know my movement throughout the day. If I haven’t moved enough, I’ll make sure and get in extra steps the next day. For me, it’s moderation – I don’t put too much pressure on myself.” The reason she doesn’t put too much pressure on herself is because she went through an amazing weight loss transformation after having her youngest and last kid, Birdie. “My weight was in the high two hundreds – that’s a lot of weight – and I was just uncomfortable, but I worked hard and I am a determined person, so if I set my mind to it, I do it. I couldn’t handle being so big and my ankles were swollen. So I’m just happy to feel comfortable again. I was literally uncomfortable for so long that now it’s just nice to relax.”

While online workouts from home have been trending during the pandemic, Jessica admitted that she doesn’t do them, although her sister, Ashlee Simpson, who is pregnant, does. She said Ashlee is so great at the home workouts, joking, “She’ll send me videos of her doing these Tracy Anderson workout videos and I’m like, ‘Alright guys when I was that pregnant, I couldn’t lift my foot.'”

jessica simpson
Jessica Simpson shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the workout she’s been doing during quarantine to stay in shape. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

The mother-of-three has her hands full with her kids and they constantly keep her on her toes all day long, which is another way she is staying fit. Jessica is a mother to an eight, seven, and 16 month-old, all of who love to keep busy. “We have a big family so we’re always on the go, go, go – even if it’s just in the house, the yard or the neighborhood. We go on family walks, we visit the pigs in the neighborhood, we visit the horses. We’re constantly active and if our kids are going stir crazy, we all go jump on the trampoline. Just get it out, get the energy out.”

As for what Jessica eats to stay healthy, she admitted, that she can’t eat eggs or cauliflower anymore because they were a huge part of her diet back when she was on her weight loss journey. She even joked, “I literally only like eggs in a cake.” While Jessica doesn’t follow any strict diets because she said, “I’ll break it,” she does believe in moderation. “When I was the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, it was very authentic and it actually taught me a lot about just writing things down, calculating things, knowing what you’re putting in your body. I personally don’t stay away from foods if I want something, I’ll have some of it, but I’m good at putting it down. I mean, listen, I have kids, so if I want, I eat like a kid. I like corn dogs and mac and cheese – you don’t limit yourself.”