Cicely Tyson’s Hair Makeover: Hollywood Icon, 95, Debuts Incredible New Purple Do’

All hail Queen Cicely Tyson! The Hollywood icon debuted a new purple do' in a video shared by Shondaland TV on August 25! And, she delivered some insightful 'words of wisdom' that will make your day.

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Cicely Tyson
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We’re simply not worthy of Cicely Tyson. And, the same goes for her new hair makeover! The legendary actress, 95, showed off bright purple locks in a powerful video on Tuesday, in which she revealed what inspires her. Cicely, who wore her purple and white hair in an up do’, donned a bright red lip and matching top.

Fans of the Hollywood icon will know that Cicely’s no stranger to switching up her hair for the red carpet or a role. She’s sported styles including, grey curls, black front bangs, and even a tinted blue bob. Though, Cicely’s go-to is her black/brown colored hair, as seen below.

Cicely Tyson
Cicely Tyson at the red carpet premiere of Tyler Perry’s “A Fall from Grace” in New York City on Monday, January 13, 2020. (Photo credit: AP)

In the video shared by Shondaland TV, Cicely graced us all with an intuitive dialogue . When asked what inspires her, she said, “Life, I mean what else?” The veteran actress explained, “What goes on while I’m still here, that inspires me. The fact that I am still here, good Lord, you know how long I’ve been here? It never occurred to me how long I’ve been here… It’s life, you know, every minute of it inspires me,” she said.

“I was talking to someone last night at dinner and I said, ‘You know, we don’t seem to realize that everything that happens in this life while we are here effect us,” Cicely recalled. “If somebody walked by and you got a breeze or a smell of perfume or something, that’s effecting you, it’s effecting one of your senses. So, you can’t live life on this universe and not be effected by everything that is within the universe,” she continued, explaining, “But, I think that you have to listen to your mind, your body and your should, listen, it speaks to you. We tend not to listen. If you have an itch in your head it tells you that something there needs attention.”

Later, when she was asked to provide any “words of wisdom,” Cicely gave an interesting perspective on the topic. “Wisdom, hmm. Is that what we all seek? Wisdom? And why do we seek it outside of ourselves? Why do we not think that we have it within us?,” she asked. “I think it’s so important for us to understand ourselves first. I think that’s when you can give wisdom because you’ve had the experience of a particular manner,” Cicely went on, adding, “And, having had that experience you can say this is what happened to me and this was the result of it, and so I’m that much more wiser.”

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