WHIPPED CREAM Delivers ‘Wide Variety Of Music’ In Debut EP & Reveals Thoughts On Future Of Raves

Producer WHIPPED CREAM, who has performed on stages at Coachella, EDC and more, revealed the 'purpose' of her debut EP and her thoughts on how the pandemic will affect dance music.

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Image Credit: Jora Frantzis

Despite music festivals being cancelled for the remainder of 2020, WHIPPED CREAM’s debut EP stirs up the same desire to headbang — or maybe even shed a happy tear — as if you were pressed up against a main stage’s guardrail and not your laptop. This is because WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM, the producer’s mini album that dropped on Aug. 21, simulates the wide range of sonic sensations and body vibrations you’d experience during a live set at a rave — perhaps between several! That was kind of the point. “The whole purpose of this EP was to show diversity in my production,” the Vancouver Island native, whose real name is Caroline Cecil, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife

WHIPPED CREAM, who grew up on Vancouver Island in Canada, spent her childhood as a competitive figure skater until suffering a broken ankle injury at 18 years old. This led her to fall into music production, which has turned out to be a successful new path — one of her songs featuring Baby Goth, “So Thick,” is on the Birds of Prey movie soundtrack. (Photo Credit: Jora Frantzis)

Leading the EP’s tracklist is “US,” which will make you feel like your mind’s falling down the rabbit hole as an omnipresent voice ushers hypnotic adages like “So never mind what happened yesterday / Because all your problems / That’s all gone / The only thing that we have tonight is us” over a progressive house beat. And then there’s “Dumb Sh!t,” which will make you feel exactly the opposite. Feature artist Jasiah delivers screamo rap vocals over WHIPPED CREAM’s trap production and hard-hitting bass, making you feel like you’re bumping along to all the other hardstyle ravers at EDC’s wasteLAND stage.

Unfortunately, the only stage fans can dance on for now are their own beds, given the coronavirus pandemic’s shutdown of all large-scale events. This was quite the change for WHIPPED CREAM, who had a breakthrough year in 2019 with performances at all the big players of festivals such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza and Electric Forest. WHIPPED CREAM shared her thoughts on EDM in a post-coronavirus world, in addition to even more details about her diverse debut EP and what drew her to work with artists like Mulatto and Lil Xan, in our EXCLUSIVE interview:

HollywoodLife: Can you tell me a little bit more about your journey from being a competitive figure skater to having a full-blown career in music producing?

WHIPPED CREAM: Skating was my life early on, I lived and breathed it. I gave every bit of effort I had to skating, much like I’ve done with music. Unfortunately I suffered a career ending injury that led me to explore other things, music was one of them. After my injury I went to a festival with some friends that changed my life forever. I came across an artist “Active Child” whose performance woke something up in me that hadn’t been there before.  

HollywoodLife: In 2019, you were playing for big festivals — Ultra, Bonnaroo, etc. — and now we’re in the middle of a pandemic. How has this affected you, and your approach to live sets?

WHIPPED CREAM: The pandemic helped me learn how to really ground myself, slow down. I started meditating and I’ve also been writing more music. My approach to live sets now is gearing more towards what I think people will vibe to in their home.  

WHIPPED CREAM’s virtual set for Lollapalooza 2020. (YouTube)

HollywoodLife: How do you think this pandemic will affect EDM and raves in the next year or two?

WHIPPED CREAM: Electronic music will never die. Unfortunately raves and festivals for now will be pretty non-existent until there is a reliable vaccine. 

HollywoodLife: Do you think socially-distanced raves will become a thing? I’ve seen “drive-in raves” gaining popularity.

WHIPPED CREAM: Potentially, if they are done right. However so far haven’t seen many that have been done right…  

HollywoodLife: What is it like being a woman working in EDM, where so many headliners at festivals are often men?

WHIPPED CREAM: Being a woman in dance music is very exciting, I love being a woman! Obviously we face different challenges than men do, I just try and focus on the good along with forging my own path. 

HollywoodLife: On the subject of your new music, there is such a wide range in genres here! Is there a subgenre that you’re particularly drawn to? 

WHIPPED CREAM: You’re going to hear the most wide variety of music I’ve ever produced on this project. The whole purpose of this EP was to show diversity in my production. As far as a subgenre I’ve always been drawn to R&B, so emotions inspired by R&B. 

“US” highlights WHIPPED CREAM’s flexibility as a producer, who can bounce between hardstyle hip-hop and progressive house.

HollywoodLife: How long has this debut EP been in the making? Why was now the right time for the world to hear it?

WHIPPED CREAM: Since 2017 when I wrote “US.” Originally I was planning to release my EP the weekend of Coachella, but it didn’t feel right timing wise especially with the pandemic just starting. I went back and forth on new release dates several times. I just got to a point where I didn’t want this to be about me releasing music or when, it became more about how I possibly can affect someone’s life in a positive way during these crazy times. Hopefully this EP will do that.  

HollywoodLife: Your new music goes hard. What were your main goals while making each of the songs on this debut EP?

WHIPPED CREAM: Thank you! I wanted this project to be diverse but one of my goals was to have everything work together at the same time, which can be tricky. I also wanted to tell the story of who Whipped Cream is as a producer. 

HollywoodLife: What (or who) were your biggest influences and sources of inspiration while producing your EP?

WHIPPED CREAM: My biggest influence during this EP was myself, just trying to be the best version of myself. I really wanted to see what I could do as a producer and influence my own music abilities. 

Music video for WHIPPED CREAM’s collaboration with Lil Xan, “Told Ya.” (YouTube)

HollywoodLife: Your EP has a lot of guest features from hip-hop artists like Lil Keed, Mulatto, Jasiah, and Lil Xan, and alternative pop singers like Baby Goth. What led you to work with these artists?

WHIPPED CREAM: I really enjoy working with talent that are future superstars, artists that I connect with and felt would fit this project. They all play an important role in the sound and story.  

HollywoodLife: Finally, your new EP is called “WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM?” So, how would you answer that?

WHIPPED CREAM: I’d kindly ask the person reading this to listen to my EP from start to finish.

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