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Selena Gomez Blushes After Getting A Call From A ‘Cute Boy’ During New Cooking Show — Watch

Selena Gomez was visibly flustered after a 'cute boy' called her during a taping of her new HBO Max series 'Selena + Chef!' Check out the adorable clip of the singer's reaction!

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Selena Gomez has everything under control — almost. During a taping for the August 20 episode of her HBO Max series Selena + Chef, the “Lose You To Love Me” songstress, 28, got a call from an unknown ‘cute boy!’ In a clip that has since surfaced on Twitter, which you can see here, Sel is seen bending over by her kitchen countertop to take a FaceTime call, piquing her loyal fans’ interest.

“Hey I have to call you back. I’m cooking,” she says to the caller. After hanging up, Selena got right back to work, but she clearly hadn’t come down from her surprising phone call. “Sorry! Cute boy,” the Wizards of Waverly Place alum said, giggling, to Korean BBQ Texas breakfast tacos chef Roy Choi, who was on the other side of the screen. “That was a cute boy?” The professional foodie asked. “You could take the call,” he went on. But Selena was ready to move on from the convo.

Bringing her finger up to her lips, Selena “shushed” any further comments on the matter, before realizing she genuinely had no idea what she was doing. “What am I doing?” Selena asked before turning away from the camera and giggling to herself. The singer blushed the entire time, and stationary cameras in the back picked up her red face. “What do I do?!” Selena yelled, as her grandmother responded, “you’re cooking! He’s waiting!” Eventually, Selena pulled it together and got right back to work.

Although it’s not clear who called Selena while she was taping, fans took to the comment section once the clip surfaced online and began sharing their own hopes for who the mystery man could be. “I want it to be Dylan Obrien [SIC, O’Brien],” one fan commented. Another reiterated the statement, hoping it was the 28-year-old Maze Runner actor.

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Selena Gomez stuns on the arrival carpet of the premiere of ‘Dolittle’ [Mega].
Unfortunately, fans might have to just keep speculating, especially considering that after high-profile relationships with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, Selena is putting all of her attention and focus on her flourishing professional life. The Rare hitmaker is busy with her new cooking show, prepping her Rare Beauty cosmetics, and is rumored to have joined the cast of Scream 5. Clearly, the talented star is up to quite a lot — no wonder she got flustered during her busy work schedule! We cannot wait to see what Sel continues to cook-up in her kitchen with new episodes of Selena + Chef debuting on HBO Max soon.