Maejor Brings ‘Balance’ & ‘Harmony’ To The Universe With The Cosmic Video For ‘Frequency’

In a time of turmoil and chaos, hip hop artist Maejor is here to help you find little 'light' and peace. He tells us EXCLUSIVELY how his videos for 'Frequency' and 'X' are meant to 'lift' your spirits -- literally.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is still not over, and while parts of the country are acting like it is, other parts remain closed down for the foreseeable future. Despite this bleary outlook, three-time Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter/artist Maejor has released Vol. 1: Frequency, a project intentionally designed to make people feel better. Incorporating 432 Hz and 444 Hz – sound frequencies that some consider having relaxing or “healing” properties – Maejor’s new music aims to introduce mainstream listeners to the healing vibrations and inspire peace, calm, and positivity in a world that seems anything but.

For some, though, it’s a case of “seeing is believing,” which is why Maejor released a music video for “X (432 Hz).” Shot against a nearly abandoned Los Angeles during the height of lockdown, Maejor cavorts and has a great time, all by himself. “I just wanted to make a statement,” he tells HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “Like, we can go out by ourselves and create a time, have a blast, complete fun, and freedom. Just me — you know, we didn’t need a lot of people to have fun, and that’s also kinda the message I wanted to send.”

He now follows “X” with his new video for “Frequency.” The video’s kaleidoscope imagery is one part Alice In Wonderland, one part cosmic journey to the stars. It perfectly matches the otherworldly vibe of the track, giving the listener a sense that they’re reaching a higher plane of consciousness. The imagery, Maejor tells HollywoodLife, was inspired by Robert Edward Grant‘s works. “[It’s] known as ‘the sound of the spheres,’ and it represents the balance of light, color, and harmony,” adds Maejor.

Unfortunately, listening to a dope song with a “healing” frequency won’t cure things like systemic poverty – which is why Maejor has taken an extra step with his new video. He’s teamed up with A Place Called Home, a non-profit organization focused on inner-city youth programs in Los Angeles to help raise money for kids in need. He talks EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about this partnership, where he found the inspiration to incorporate 432 Hz into his new music, and what he plans to accomplish when 2020 is over.

Maejor, in focus on the ‘frequency’ of existence (Ashley Osborn)

HollywoodLife: You bring the Samba to “Frequency.” How did you end up deciding on incorporating those flavors in this song? Was it just calling to you? 

Maejor: The samba vibe was brought into the song by co-writer Richard Rudolph — “Double R.” He is the writer of “Lovin You” by the late legend Minnie Ripperton, and he wanted to bring back that classic feeling into the modern era.

You previously released “X (432 Hz),” a music video that captured the feel of partying all night out in the city. How did that all come together?

Maejor: So for ‘X,’ we filmed this video during a time when people said basically, ‘you can’t have gatherings.’ People were basically saying we can’t film the music video – we can’t film anything… and I just wanted to make a statement. Like, we can go out by ourselves and create a time, have a blast, complete fun, and freedom. Just me — you know, we didn’t need a lot of people to have fun, and that’s also kinda the message I wanted to send. Also that even in this isolation, we can still find our joy, our passion, our fun. I didn’t wanna let anything stop the creativity.

432 Hz tuning is considered by some to be a “healing frequency,” so that explains that part of the title. Why did you go with “X”? Did you want to just put out a song without the limitations of a title? 

The title’ X’ is a shortening of the title ecstasy. Which I say in the song, but I didn’t want people to think that the song was about drugs. It is really about being high on life. ‘X’ is also a symbol meaning unknown. You see, Malcolm X uses it, and many different people use it. X means unknown- so I like the concept of naming a song ‘X.’

The use of 432hz throughout Vol. 1: Frequency indicates that there’s a deeper thought here. You even cited Nikola Tesla when discussing the album (“If you wish to understand the universe- think of energy, frequency, and vibration”). When did you first discover the use of frequencies as a healing method, and what motivated you to incorporate them into this project? 

I discovered the use of frequencies as a healing method by witnessing music that I had produced and written being performed all over the world. I would travel with some of these artists, [and] I would see hundreds of thousands of people singing and vibrating on the same frequency of something I wrote while I was alone.

I realized that we had a great power and responsibility, and so I started studying, looking into how does sound affects us, what ways does sound affect our bodies, minds, and spirits. I started looking everywhere. I started studying with monks, scientists, spiritual leaders, different communities/people about every way sound effects the body.

I found there is a lot of ways, and I wanted to be able to bring that into mainstream music. Something that you are listening to — you don’t even notice it but on a subtle level — it’s lifting you up, making you feel better, healthier, more energized, more relaxed. All the things that are positive I wanted to put into the frequency of the sound.

As part of this video’s release, you’ve partnered with A Place Called Home, a non-profit focused on inner-city youth programs in LA. You’ve always been one for philanthropy (you partnered with the American Cancer Society following your own battle with Leukemia.) What drew you to APCH? And how can people help? 

A place called home is amazing. I did partner with ACS following my battle with Leukemia. But the reason I chose A Place Called Home is because of the energy of the place. When I went there, I saw so many bright and talented children, and I love that they are investing all of their resources and energy into helping develop the next generation into the strongest wisest and smartest group that they can be. That’s essential because they are going to take the world from here. They are going to take care of us. So, I love what A Place Called Home is doing. The kids I met there where on another level, so I am really honored to work with a place called home.

Since “X” is about being optimistic and grateful to be alive, we’ll end on a positive note: we’re in the second half of 2020. What’s one thing you’re going to accomplish by the time the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31st? 

Before the end of the year, I am excited to launch our new music label IM. The entire intention of the label is about spreading love and raising consciences. It’s a little bit different than a traditional label, but it’s really exciting because we have an intention, and we want to be really clear with that intention and stick to it because, for me, the music is all about love.

Mejor’s Vol. 1: Frequency is out now.