‘Pump Rules’ Star Katie Maloney Reveals She & Tom Schwartz Are ‘Actively Trying’ To Get Pregnant

After four years of marriage, babies are definitely on the brain for Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. She dished all about it in our latest EXCLUSIVE interview!

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Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Tom Schwartz, who tied the knot in August 2016, are ready for a baby. “I don’t want to think about it too much or put too much pressure on it,” Katie admitted to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during the latest installment of our TVTalk series on Instagram Live. “We are actively trying, but time will tell, I guess!”

For now, though, Katie can live vicariously through her pal, Stassi Schroeder, who’s currently expecting her first child. “I definitely am always asking her how she’s feeing or what she’s craving,” the Vanderpump Rules star revealed. “She’s actually had a pretty easy pregnancy for the most part. I know she didn’t have sickness. I think she just feels uncomfortable, but I think she’ll be able to impart wisdom on me and give me advice.”
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Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz couple up on the red carpet. (Dave Starbuck/Geisler-Fotopress/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)
Luckily, Stassi already has a built-in babysitter for when she gives birth. “Oh my God, I would love to [babysit],” Katie gushed. “It’s so cute to see her. She’s got her baby bump and it’s just so wild to see her body changing and growing and knowing that there’s a little alien inside of her!”

Although Tom and Katie, who recently partnered with DearMedia on her podcast, You’re Gonna Love Me, got married in 2016, Tom forgot to file the correct paperwork at the time of the nuptials. So, during the summer of 2019, the pair made their marriage official with a second ceremony in Las Vegas. The Vegas wedding aired during an April episode of Vanderpump Rules.

katie maloney tom schwartz
Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have a second wedding in Las Vegas in 2019. (BRAVO)

Now, babies are clearly a priority for the lovebirds. However, since that hasn’t happened yet, Katie is continuing to focus on her weight loss. She recently lost about 30 pounds, and dished on her secret to shedding the weight during our interview. “I just stopped dieting and started focusing on nutrition and what kinds of foods to be eating together,” she explained. “Make sure you have protein, some kind of carbohydrate, healthy fats. All those kinds of things have to work in perfect harmony, so it’s less about not eating this, or not eating that, or counting calories.”

She added that she makes sure to only eat “when [she]’s hungry” and explained that “portion sizes” are important. “I love food, so I think just being as healthy as possible [is important],” she concluded. “I have no idea what size I wear right now. There’s no goal in mind. My goal is just to get healthy.”