‘DieRy’s Claudia Maree Mailer & Director Jennifer Gelfer Discuss ‘Haunting Side’ Of Social Media Fame

What happens when a follower turns into an obsessed, murderous fan? 'DieRy's Claudia Maree Mailer & Jennifer Gelfer spoke to HL about their new film & the dangers of social media.

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Social media can be a scary place, especially with many ‘influencers’ sharing their day-to-day for everyone to see. In the new film from Mailer Tuchman Media, DieRy, Instagram model Marie Clark (Claudia Maree Mailer) learns about the dark side of social media the hard way when her diary is stolen by an obsessive fan who begins sending her love letters informing Marie that they are going to kill anyone who is a danger to her.

The mysterious Whodunit film is perfectly laid out by director Jennifer Gelfer. The director clearly has an impeccable chemistry with the star Claudia Maree Mailer, who is making her feature debut. Both ladies spoke to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview ahead of the film’s August 25th premiere, which will feature a panel with the cast at 9 PM ET, hosted by HollywoodLife’s Ali Stagnitta.

Claudia Maree Mailer stars in ‘DieRy.’ (Mailer Tuchman Media)

“I think we’re losing intimacy because it’s so shared all over with everybody, and I think that’s something that has to come back,” Gelfer said of the current social media climate. ” I want people who watch DieRy to learn to guard their privacy, and to have some decorum of privacy and know they don’t have to share everything.”

Mailer echoed Gelfer, saying, “The lines between what is real life and what is the social media world are so blurred that it’s dangerous. You’re constantly comparing yourself to others and you’re only seeing people’s highlights.” She continued, “Another takeaway I definitely think I would love for people to, like get from this movie is to normalize talking about mental health. I find that it’s such a stigma not to be able to chat that you have a therapist, and about your mental health needs.”

Claudia Maree Mailer as Marie Clark in ‘DieRy.’ (Mailer Tuchman Media)

As DieRy follows IG model Marie, who is truly only booking collabs to be able to pay for her degree, it calls into question whether these ‘influencers’ have an obligation to their followers to be fully transparent with their personal struggles, to avoid sharing only the “perfect” image. “I kind of saw Marie as just going through the day to day of it all,” Mailer explained. “What I saw her just literally trying to get by, and not caring too much about it. And I think for her, she had a sense of thinking, ‘They don’t really know me online, so how can they invade the one thing that is private to me?'” These questions and more will be answered on August 25th when DieRy is released!

The film will be released via iTunes/AppleTV, Google Play, Amazon Prime and Vimeo on August 25th and it’s currently available for preorder. If you plan to preorder the movie, you can also enter the DieRy Monologue Challenge! If you go to http://www.dierythemovie.com/contest and you preorder the movie, you will receive three monologues from the film to perform and upload to Instagram. Then, Jennifer Gelfer will pick 10 winners who will receive a virtual one-on-one session with her. Additionally, all proceeds from DieRy‘s preorders will benefit The Actor’s Fund. Preorder is available until August 24th.