‘Manifest’s Josh Dallas Is Unrecognizable In Beard He’s Grown In Quarantine — See Before & After Pics

Prince Charming isn't looking too clean-cut these days. Josh Dallas, star of 'Manifest' and 'OUAT,' showed off the grey hair in his unkempt beard while assuring his fans that everything was 'normal.'

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At this point, Josh Dallas needs to manifest himself a subscription to Harry’s, Flamingo, or Dollar Shave Club. Actually, after seeing the beard he’s grown during the lockdown, the 41-year-old Manifest actor might want to sign up for all three. “Everything is fine,” he captioned his Aug. 16 Instagram post, the one where he looked like he lost a fight with a lint brush. His curly hair is all tangled up, while his face is covered in the bristles of a bushy beard. Like Diddy and many other stars, Josh also allowed the grey to shine through during quarantine. “Everything is normal. Beard and hair styling by Oliver and Hugo Dallas,” he added, indicating his 6-year-old and 4-year-old sons he has with wife Ginnifer Goodwin.

Josh has been growing the beard since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he’s been giving fans an update on its progress while staying socially distant. “Quarantine chic,” he captioned an April 17 post, back when the beard was in its infant stages. He christened himself a “Beardy Weirdy” the following month, defining the term as “strange gentleman with a beard to demonstrate his weirdness. The Beard of Weird generally has a passion for mundane activities… namely, train spotting and household insurance. Ginny wants to know what the female version would be?” Further updates showed how the grey was coming in, making Josh look more like a trucker. He was totally channeling “guy ready to drive an 18-wheeler full of green beans from Utah” in his July 18 post.

Josh Dallas, back before the COVID-19 pandemic and before he grew a beard (AP Images)

Thankfully, Josh won’t have to go out for this Class A Commercial Drivers License anytime soon. NBC renewed Manifest for a third season in June. The drama – centered around the crew and passengers of a commercial airline that reappears after being missing for more than five years – has found an audience, with Deadline reporting the season 2 finale drawing in 4.58 million viewers.

Maybe fans were tuning in to see if they were going to get an OUAT reunion. Josh and Ginnifer starred opposite each other on Once Upon A Time from 2011-2018. The couple was wed in 2014, making sure that Snow White and Prince Charming were going to have their own “Happily Ever After.” When the idea of having Ginnifer on Manifest came up at the start of the year, the couple was all for it. “We’ll get here,” he said at the Gold Meets Golden event ahead of the 77th Annual Golden Globes in January. “We’re trying to figure out my appearing on Manifest in some capacity, which has not thus far worked out with our kids’ schedules, and my needing to go to New York where Josh films, but we have been talking about it,” she added.

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