Diddy Shows Off His Full Grey Beard In New Quarantine Video — Watch

Looking good, Diddy. While announcing a new initiative to help that black small business owners get their ‘fair share,’ the music mogul showcased a full beard that was nearly completely grey!

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“Hey, what’s up? What’s up, everyone? Yo, a special announcement,” a bearded Diddy said at the start of his Apr. 23 Instagram video. The music icon, who first revealed his grey facial hair at the end of March, was looking more like an elder statesman of hip hop than ever. Some might have even confused him for Santa Claus with the generosity he was about to display in his video. “To all my black, small businesses. You all know this money is coming in – this stimulus package – and we have to get our fair share. You have to get your fair share.” For these black small businesses to get their part of the COVID-19 stimulus package, Diddy has launched OurFairShare.com to “make the process easier for ya.”

Diddy reminded that “nothing’s guaranteed,” but the new website will be a resource for businesses and self-employed members of the black community get some financial aid during this time of coronavirus. Hopefully, the business helps out some black barbers, because Diddy and a lot of men are going to need a shave once the “shelter in place” orders are lifted. Diddy – who, let’s be honest, looks good with grey in his beard – gave fans a better look at his beard, and they loved it. “I like the beard,” one commented. “Digging the grey, Diddy.” “Beard coming in [okay emoji]”

The “It’s All About The Benjamins” rapper debuted the look on Mar. 29 in an Instagram video about how the community needed to “step this superhero sh-t” up and not rely strictly on the “men with grey hair” in politics to save them. In the video, fans were amazed to see Diddy with a salt-and-pepper beard. Most were fans of the look, but then, there was 50 Cent.

Never one to leave sleeping dogs lie, Fiddy, 44, joked how Diddy, Kevin Hart, 40, and Deion Sanders, 52, “got old in quarantine.” The trio has gone grey since they haven’t been able to visit their barbers or pick up dye at the store. “F**k off man…. I used the product this week,” Kevin jokingly wrote in the comments of Fiddy’s post, and Deion chimed in with, “Man, I can shave! And I look younger than u.” Considering all the other times that Puff has shown off his grey, it’s evident that Fiddy’s words aren’t giving Diddy any stress.

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