Kylie Jenner Defended By Fans After Designer Calls Her Out For Only Tagging ‘High End Brands’ On IG

Kylie Jenner's devoted fans stood by her side as one designer claimed that the young mogul 'won't tag' other designers in her Instagram posts when she shares an outfit! See the comments from the post!

Kylie Jenner really has some of the most dedicated fans who consistently stand up for her. The 23-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s admirers took to her August 12 post from her birthday getaway where the stunner wore a gorgeous dress by Balmain. Fans loved the look, but one designer was not a fan of how Kylie wasn’t tagging lesser-known, Los Angeles-based designers — and the comments got slightly ruthless.

Designer Michael Costello calls out Kylie Jenner for only tagging ‘high end’ designers on her August 12 post, courtesy of Instagram.

“Thank you Oliver [SICOlivier Rousteing] for the perfect bday dress . And thank you to the no name designers who work tirelessly around the clock on custom looks who she won’t tag , mention or @. Unless it’s paid,” the designer, Michael Costello began the comment. “And thank you to the glam team who always gets tagged no matter what . ( this post has nothing to do with me as Kylie only wears something from me once a year and I’m lucky if i get a decent pic to post,” Michael went on. But the comment didn’t end there.

The designer expressed that there was absolutely “no shade” to Kylie’s hardworking team members who help bring the mother-of-one‘s incredible looks together or to her glam team. However, Michael did express that “it’s sad that designers work so so so so hard on these opportunities to dress these gorgeous popular women and they only tag the major high end designers like Oliver [SIC] but forget about the other ones.”

A fan defends Kylie in the comment section of her August 12 Instagram post, courtesy of Instagram.

Although Michael insisted that the comment had “nothing to do with my brand…it definitely has a lot to do with the la designers why not tag at least one ? Not all the time but maybe once in a while.” While Michael expressed some frustration in the comment, it didn’t sit well at all with Kylie’s fans. “Sounds like entitlement to me,” one Kylie admirer observed, adding, “she’s not obliged to tag any designer she BUYS clothes from.” Other fans observed that Kylie “doesn’t have to” tag designers if she doesn’t want to. One fan event told Michael to “mind your business.” Yikes!

The stunning garment that Kylie wore on her tropical getaway featured intricate beading and stunning jewel tones of blue, yellow and orange. Kylie looked stunning in the dress, and thanked French fashion designer and the creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, in the caption of her post. “Thank you my love [Olivier Rousteing] for the most perfect bday dress,” adding a palm tree and orange heart emoji.

Kylie has made it a habit of tagging renowned designers in the past, and even showing off some of her fashionable accoutrements on her Instagram story! If there’s anything fans know about Kylie, it’s that this recent comment scuffle on her IG post won’t deter her in the future. 

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