Britney Spears Trolls The Fat Jewish For Joking She Has A ‘Cropped Peasant’ Top For ‘Each Day Of The Year’

Britney Spears loves to wear a peasant style crop top in nearly all of her social media photos. She trolled comic The Fat Jewish by wearing another one after he called her out.

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Britney Spears‘ wardrobe this summer has been made up of three staple items: peasant crop tops, low-rise short shorts and bikinis. While obviously she can’t wear the latter every day, she does wear the prior two items in nearly ever Instagram video and photo she posts. The 38-year-old singer decided to clap back at comedian The Fat Jewish — aka Josh Ostrovsky — after he apparently trolled Brit over her massive peasant midriff top collection. She rocked her favorite new top and made knowing expressions at the camera in an Aug. 13 IG video, while calling him out in the caption.

Josh has long been a Britney mega-fan and even got “walked” by her onstage in a 2015 show during her Las Vegas residency days. He must have DM’ed her about her never-changing wardrobe choices, as the “Toxic” singer captioned the wordless video, “This little clip is a message for @thefatjewish….yes I do own a peasant midriff top for every day of the week!!!!”

In the video Britney posted on Aug. 13, she wore the white puffy sleeved peasant crop top with blue floral patterns that she first debuted on her Instagram in an Aug. 3 photo. She’s since worn the exact same top in nine other posts since then, albeit many are the same photo but with different filters. Brit walked towards the camera, gave a smile, tilted her head and didn’t say a word. She paired the top with her favorite white low-rise shorts. Brit actually posted the original 2 minute plus IG video on Aug. 6, where she set it to Madonna‘s “La Isla Bonita” and wrote, “I really like my new top !!!! CLOTHES make me happy.”

Some fans were really confused by her post. @worldmgmt asked in the comments, “What on earth is going on…” while user @5araknapp cringed, “I feel very UNCOMFORTABLE.” One fan named @plzsean noted about the crop top message, “No you mean that you own the same top for every day of the week***,” while @shoneefairfax honestly asked, “How many low rider shorts do you have though?” But other fans noted that it’s Britney’s life and Britney’s wardrobe and she can dress in whatever makes her feel good!

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Yellow is my favorite color ⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!!

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Josh is an uber-fan of Britney’s, so he likely didn’t mean any harm by teasing her about the endless supply of peasant crop tops that she owns. He got the privilege of being put in a collar and leash and whipped by the queen during her Piece of Me Vegas show in 2015. Josh even posted to the ‘gram about it, sharing a photo and captioning it, “Britney Spears walked me on stage in a studded harness during her Vegas show and whipped me repeatedly. BUCKET LIST COMPLETE.”

After the bit — which came as the singer performed “Freakshow,” — Josh tried to get Britney to say his professional name onstage and she wouldn’t budge. “It was funny because at the end, after I stood up because I was on all fours being walked and she was like, ‘What’s your name?’ And I was like, ‘Fat Jew.’ And she definitely wasn’t saying that. So she looked at me, dead in the face, just went, ‘What’s your name?’ again. And it was kind of a standoff. And I was just like I will bow to the queen. And I was just like, ‘Josh’ and she’s like, ‘JOSH!'” he told Bravo’s Daily Dish in 2015. He said that “it would have been so so sick” if she had said his professional handle onstage, but he was so in awe that, “I was like, ‘You are actually God.'”