‘True Life’ Preview: Samantha Cries Telling Micah She Can’t Be ‘Just Friends’ With Him

Samantha and Micah sit down and talk about the state of their relationship in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories.'

Samantha and Micah need to talk about the future of their relationship, and they’re not quite on the same page in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 12 episode of True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories. “I genuinely do want to know what are, like, your feelings for me,” Samantha tells Micah.

Micah replies, “I had and have feelings for you that are like past friendship, but the things that have gone on for us this past month, it’s just not what I want out of a relationship. Like the fact that now I’m fighting with one of my best friends to the point where I don’t want to be here anymore and you don’t want me around anymore…”

True Life
Samantha and Micah discuss their relationship in the Aug. 12 episode. (MTV)

Samantha wants him to acknowledge that they are way past friendship at this point. While Micah is leaning more towards friendship, Samantha doesn’t think that will work for her. “I can’t be friends with you because I like you way too much,” she cries.

Micah tells her, “You don’t know how much of that was just the quarantine and you being lonely.” Samantha feels like she was lied to about their relationship because he told her that he was willing to move down to where she lives. He says that was always just a “potential.” He feels like she’s been putting pressure on their relationship.

The synopsis for the Aug. 12 episode reads, “In times of crisis, some relationships like Haylie’s are put to the test, while others like Samantha and Micah’s begin to blossom. Quarantine has caused these couples to confront their true feelings for one another.”

True Life
The logo for ‘True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories.’ (MTV)

The special series explores how the stress of everyday life is heightened while dealing with the emotional impact of being stuck in quarantine. From struggling with social separation to coping with love & loss and trying to make major life decisions, this self-documented series gives a raw and unfiltered look at relationships of hopeful young people as they work to adapt to this new normal. True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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