‘sMothered’ Alum Sandra To Appear On ‘Find Love Live’ — Watch Sneak Peek

HollywoodLife can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that 'sMothered' star Sandra will be appearing on the Aug. 3 episode of 'Find Love Live.' In this preview, we find out what Sandra's looking for in a man!

The worlds of Find Love Live and sMothered are colliding. Sandra, one of the mothers from sMothered season 1, will be looking for love live on national TV during the Aug. 3 episode of Find Love Live. Her daughter, Mariah, will be appearing to weigh in on her suitors as well.

Sandra is ready for the next chapter in life. The real estate agent has two grown daughters who are now 17 and 22. She wants a man to open her heart to. Her girls have also been begging her to get a man.

‘sMothered’ star Sandra appears on ‘Find Love Live.’ (TLC)

“I’m in a different phase now in life,” Sandra says in her dater profile. “I’ve raised my kids. I’ve been divorced, wow, since 2006. So now it’s my time. I really want someone I can build an empire with.”

She admits that quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic has “really put things into perspective” for her. She notes that her job was like her man during quarantine. But now she’s ready for a real one!

“I truly believe that our soulmate can be anywhere,” Sandra says. “And what I love about this show is that they can actually connect with my soulmate. I don’t care where you’re at. I’m so ready to meet you.”

Sukanya Krishnan
Sukanya Krishnan is the host of ‘Find Love Live.’ (TLC)

Sandra and her daughter, Mariah, appeared on sMothered in 2019. The episode explored Sandra and Mariah’s extremely close relationship. They had to work through a number of issues regarding their closeness.

Find Love Live is hosted by Sukanya Krishnan. During each episode, singles can engage in flirtatious banter and even put potential suitors on the hot seat live, via video, all in the hopes of finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Anyone watching the show can get in on the action (or apply on findlovelive.com the week leading up) for their shot at love. America will also lean in and voice their opinion via Twitter while playing the role of matchmaker. Viewers will be encouraged to cast their votes in real time on who they think should be selected for the virtual date using hashtags for their favorite match. The show airs Mondays at 11 p.m. on TLC.

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