C. Shirock Captures A Longing For ‘Simpler Days’ On His New Hazy, Dreamy Track ‘Come Summer’

Summer is here, and with it comes hot nights, long days, and – with C. SHIROCK's new entrancing song – a hoping for a moment of 'stillness' amidst all the 'tumultuous' goings-on in the world.

One can practically feel the condensation aside their glass of lemonade while listening to “Come Summer,” the new track from C. SHIROCK. In the song, debuting here on HollywoodLife, C. SHIROCK weaves together the rustic, earthy sounds of the Mediterranean with an electronic beat taken out of Italy’s hottest (literally and figuratively) night club. It’s a sharp piece of music that deftly captures the feeling of watching the sunset in August – the hope that it won’t be long before such a moment is here again.

“It’s a song about hoping for simpler days,” C. SHIROCK shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. The new song is all about those “days of ease, the feeling of summer, a time of stillness in the midst of life’s often tumultuous seasons.  But also recognizing that there is a time for every season.”

C. SHIROCK (Allister Ann)

For those unaware, C. SHIROCK is Chuck Shirock, founder, frontman and primary songwriter for alt/indie rock band Shirock. While the earlier band was once compared to Coldplay and Paramore, C.SHIROCK aims for a sound that harkens back to “intelligent pop” the likes found on classic Peter Gabriel albums, or throughout David Bowie’s discography. It helps that C.SHIROCK draws from a wide pool of cultural and geographical influences. Though he currently calls L.A. home, he’s lived in places like Scotland, Nashville, and the Philippines.

The music is also in his blood. C. SHIROCK was born to a family of creatives and musicians. His mother was a professional ballet dancer, and his father was an avid guitarist, so it wouldn’t be long before C. SHIROCK found his way to the music world. Growing up, he learned to play piano and began writing and composing music from an early age. He also devoured music, and no genre was off-limits. He spent years studying the music of his idols, hours of listening to acts like Phil Collins, Prince, and The Cure. This blend of precise songwriting and thoughtful instrumentation can be heard in his music, especially in the layered “Come Summer.”

Artwork for C. SHIROCK’s new song (C. SHIROCK)

C. SHIROCK has performed at major summer festivals in front of thousands and has shared the stage with bands like Twenty One Pilots, Cage The Elephant and Manchester Orchestra. C. SHIROCK’s interests have also taken him off the stage. He’s a professional model whose face has graced campaigns across the globe. He’s also a humanitarian, working with various homeless and poverty-focused organizations.

“Come Summer” follows C. SHIROCK’s earlier single, “All We Have Is This Moment.” 2019 saw the singer-songwriter released a pair of songs – “Lost to the Night,” and “Eyes of Sorrow.” For those who prefer a colder climate, he has a song for you. He released “First Snow” in 2018.

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