Bella Hadid ‘Grateful’ To Be Quarantining With Gigi During Her Pregnancy: ‘She’ll Never Forget’ It

Bella and Gigi Hadid are known for their unbreakable bond and although Bella has had to travel for work lately, she's been supporting Gigi's pregnancy in every way.

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Bella Hadid Gigi pregnancy quarantine
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Bella Hadid is “grateful” to be quarantined with Gigi Hadid, 25, throughout her big sister’s pregnancy. The 23-year-old stunner has spent much time with Gigi while in Pennsylvania on their mom, Yolanda Hadid‘s farm. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with several sources close to the supermodel sisters who dished on how supportive Bella has been throughout Gigi’s pregnancy and explained that Bella “will never forget” how the lockdown has given her an opportunity to bond with the expectant mother.

“Bella and Gigi have always had an incredibly special bond and Bella has been so sweet and incredibly supportive to Gigi during her pregnancy,” the insider said. “This is no surprise to anybody though, because their connection is as close as any sisters could be. Bella is very grateful she’s been able to have so much time with Gigi on the farm during the quarantine so that she could share this experience with her. Their lives have always been hectic with their careers that she feels it was meant to be that they had this time together, and it’s something she’ll never forget.”

Bella Hadid Gigi pregnancy quarantine
Bella Hadid is ‘grateful’ to have time with pregnant sister Gigi Hadid during the quarantine. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Another pal close to the beauties said, “Bella and Gigi are two peas in a pod and Bella is really helping out in every way possible. Gigi is so appreciative because as much as it is a special time for Gigi, it is also scary and Bella has been a great outlet for Gigi to just talk to and listen to any advice or concerns she has. Gigi thanks Bella every day for being there for her while she is pregnant. She needs that bond they have because this pregnancy is such a unique and special thing that she wants to share her happiness and concerns with people she loves and Bella is on the top of that list.”

“As the little sister, Bella’s always looked up to Gigi and been in awe of her,” a third source revealed. “And this pregnancy is no different. Bella is blown away by Gigi and how strong she is. This is the craziest time to be pregnant and Gigi is handling it like a champ. Now, more than ever Bella feels like her sister is superwoman. And she’s so beyond excited to be getting a new baby in the family, they all are.”

Meanwhile, Gigi took to Instagram live on July 15 to promote her new Gigi’s Journal collaboration with V Magazine. She was bombarded by fans who asked to see her baby bump since it wasn’t really visible as she faced the camera. The beauty was wearing a loose-fitting olive green and white checkered shirt, and she eventually turned to the side, lifted up her blouse and flashed her bare, seven-month baby bump. Gigi announced that she’s expecting her first child with former One Direction singer Zayn Malik, 27, during an April 30 appearance on The Tonight Show From Home with Jimmy Fallon.