‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Chloe Gossips To Juliette & The Girls About Alex & Alyssa’s Relationship

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the July 14 episode of 'Siesta Key,' the girls get together for a lunch date -- and Chloe has a LOT to spill about Alex and Alyssa.

Chloe Trautman is always known to spill the tea, and she’s at it again on the July 14 episode of Siesta Key. After getting some scoop about Alex Kompothecras and his pregnant girlfriendAlyssa Salerno, Chloe meets up with some of the girls to dish the dirty details. Her news? That Alex basically admitted he won’t be committing to Alyssa and their baby!

Chloe got the scoop from Amanda Miller, who had spent some time with her boyfriend, JJ, and Alex. “JJ said, ‘Is [Alyssa] the one?’ and Alex’s response, in front of Amanda, was like, ‘I mean, I give it three to four years,'” Chloe reveals. “And he made a comment in front of Amanda being like, ‘I’m not waking up and changing diapers. I’m in law school. I can’t be waking up in the middle of the night dealing with that.’ He has law school, so this is Alyssa’s problem.”

siesta key cast
Paige Kindlick

Naturally, the other girls (Juliette Porter, Kelsey Owens and Madisson Hausburg) are quite shocked to hear the news. Considering Juliette is Alex’s ex, she mostly keeps quiet, while Madisson is also silent and seems very bothered by Chloe’s confession. Kelsey does not hide her outrage.

siest akey cast
Paige Kindlick

“Part of having a baby is changing a diaper, being there for them, waking up in the middle of the night when they’re crying!” she exclaims. Juliette adds, “That’s going to cause so many fights if he’s not helping [Alyssa]. She’s going to be so mad.”

At that point, Chloe jumps in and continues, “He doesn’t understand what [having a baby means]. He doesn’t think about the baby waking up every 20 minutes throughout the night and getting two nights of no sleep.” Madisson, who was silent to this point, interrupts Chloe and asks if she could speak to her away from the table.

There’s definite tension in the air, but we won’t see how it plays out until the full episode premieres. Siesta Key airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m on MTV.

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