Paris Jackson Reveals Why She’s Skeptical About Paparazzi In New ‘Unfiltered’ Docuseries Preview

It’s safe to say Paris Jackson doesn’t have a fond opinion of the paparazzi, and in an EXCLUSIVE clip of her ‘Unfiltered’ docuseries, Michael Jackson’s daughter explains why she doesn’t trust the press.

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Paris Jackson’s relationship with the paparazzi and reporters takes center stage in this EXCLUSIVE clip from her Facebook Watch docuseries, Unfiltered: Paris Jackson And Gabriel Glenn. In a preview of the July 14 episode, Paris, 22, and her boyfriend/music partner Gabriel Glenn chat with her media consultant, Elliot Mintz, inside a club about the paps waiting outside. “And I said [to paparazzi], why don’t you ask her, as she’s running to the car, ‘how does it feel to make so many people with your music?’”

“He’s not going to ask that,” responded a skeptical Paris. As the daughter of Michael Jackson, the young woman has grown up in the flash of a paparazzi camera, and she remained doubtful of Elliot’s plan with the press. “I know how they work. I know how they work. He’s going to tell you that he’s going to ask the question that you told him to ask, and when it happens, and he’s there in my face, he’s going to ask the question he wants to ask.”

“There was that moment that I knew I was talking to a place within her that she was not all that familiar or certainly not all that trusting,” Elliot said in a confessional. “And I basically said, ‘Trust me.’” Paris seemingly goes along with the plan – but does the paparazzi respect her boundaries, or do they prove her distrust right?

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Unfiltered: Paris Jackson And Gabriel Glenn covers Paris and Gabriel’s venture into the music world – as well as how they started out as a couple. “We went from The Rainbow to an after-party, and that’s where I saw her playing an unplugged guitar,” Gabriel said in the premiere episode. “It felt very intimate, and I knew that I was…I was walking towards a head-over-heel fall.”

“From then on, it was pretty much on,” added Paris, who said that within a week, she had moved in with him. Granted, she said she was “living in his van,” so it was more of her fully committing to the rock and roll lifestyle.

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Though, Paris admitted that she was shocked by this relationship as much as Gabriel was. “Never thought I’d end up with a dude,” she said during the first Unfiltered episode. “Thought I’d end up marrying a chick or … I’ve dated more women than men. Been with more chicks. The public only knows about 3 long term relationships I’ve been with, and they’ve been with men. The public doesn’t know about like most of the relationships I’ve been in.” Considering that her father’s 1989 track “Leave Me Alone” is a direct response to all the rumors and press coverage over his personal life, it’s not surprising to learn Paris has kept her own love life out of the eye of the press.

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