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Paris Jackson Admits There’s ‘Pressure’ To Follow In Dad’s Footsteps As She Begins Music Career

In the trailer for Paris Jackson's new docuseries – and right before her folk-indie band, The Soundflowers, drop their debut EP – she says she always felt unfairly 'compared' to her dad, Michael Jackson.

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“You see a kid grow up in the public eye and forget that I am a human,” Paris Jackson says at the start of the trailer for Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn. In the preview of the upcoming Facebook Watch original docuseries, Paris talks about the pressures of growing up as the daughter of “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson. “I was against letting the world in because it wasn’t a choice. I wasn’t ready then. I feel like I’m ready now.”

Paris is also ready to kickstart her music career. She and boyfriend Gabriel Glenn make up the new band The Soundflowers, and they’re releasing their-self titled debut EP on June 23 (via Imperial.) In the trailer for Unfiltered, Paris said she felt “pressure to follow in my dad’s footsteps” and was “compared to him and scrutinized.” She also said that Gabriel “understands the pain that [she’s] gone through in my life.” After they met, they “just vibed and started making music,” that they’re “the same level of damaged,” and that this deep understanding has allowed her to realize music is “what I was born to do.”

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“I want to influence self-acceptance, and courage,” adds Paris in the trailer. “I would love it if my music connects with someone and helps in some way.” She concludes, “A Jackson doing folk-indie? Not what they expect.” Fans can expect to get a more in-depth view into the creation of The Soundflowers when Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn premieres on Facebook Watch on June 30. New episodes will drop weekly on Tuesdays at 3am PT/6am ET.

The Soundflowers bloomed after Paris, and Gabriel first met at Los Angeles’s famous Rainbow Bar and Grill. Gabriel was there, fronting the rock group a TrashDögs. The two met, and it was instant chemistry. “I started writing around 13 when I bought myself a guitar; I didn’t really start sharing or recording it until I met Gabriel,” Paris said in a statement ahead of the EP’s release. The two worked together on music at Gabriel’s band’s rehearsal studio, and as he says, it was like magic. “We showed each other songs and even wrote a few on the spot. Everything fit together so naturally, from our voices to our songwriting style. I had never met someone who fits so perfectly with my sound.”

Paris gave fans a preview of her EP by posting a snippet to her Instagram on June 16. “so insanely excited to share the news that my band’s EP that we’ve been talking about for the last two years is finally ready to be released next week on June 23rd,” she wrote. “we’re so eternally grateful for every one of you and all of the support and love you’ve shared with us. I really hope you guys enjoy it.”