Munn Overcomes His ‘Struggles & Demons’ Of The Past In Emotional New Video For ‘I Lost Myself’

In 'I Lost Myself,' up-and-coming singer-songwriter MUNN captures the anguish over a past mistake 'that still haunts me,' but as he tells us EXCLUSIVELY, the new video also shows just 'how much I've grown.'

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We find MUNN at a low point at the start of his new video, “I Lost Myself.” Kicked out of his dream home after a fight with his girlfriend, the up-and-coming songwriter is now living a waking nightmare of his own doing. He’s now sleeping alone on a mattress on a dirty floor, one that’s covered with rose petals, pieces of his broken heart, and the shame knowing he’s responsible for this sorry state. “I lost myself that night, I threw it all away,” he sings, a golden voice that soars with such emotion. Regret and sorrow are effortlessly weaved together against his intricate guitar fingerpicking, and “I Lost Myself” shows why MUNN might be the next big singer-songwriter who leaves fans swooning.

“Through “I Lost Myself,” I wanted to write a song that was true to me and, more importantly, something others could relate to,” Munn shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “I hoped to paint a picture of my struggles and demons that still haunt me, but to also show people what I’ve overcome, how much I’ve grown, and that my past self isn’t who I am today.”

Courtesy of Atlantic Records

So, who exactly is Munn? This new superstar-in-the-making is the pride of the Midwest. Born in Nebraska, raised in Indiana, and currently calling Nashville home, Munn discovered his love of music after he joined his school choir. As a teen, as his passion grew, he picked up the guitar and began to write his own music. A school project – as a freshman in college, he was tasked with telling the story of his life creatively – would be the first song he ever put out.

“It was during these same few years, that I met, fell in love with, and got engaged to a girl from my hometown,” Munn says in his official bio. “In the summer of 2018, leading up to my Sophomore year, my engagement with my fiancée fell through, and I lost all interest in school. I was struggling to heal from the breakup, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was during this time that I wrote my first song in over a year called ‘I Tried.’ To this day, I can’t describe how I felt after making that song. I had finally found my way to heal, and, from then on, creating music was all I wanted to do.”

A year before his breakup, Munn connected with Dylan Stiles, a producer who would send Munn beats to record with. With his passion renewed, Munn found a creative partner in Dylan, and together, their collaborations would form his first major release, 2019’s Garden Of My Mind. One of the tracks on this EP was “Sad Kids,” which started to build a buzz online. Realizing they had a shot at making it, Dylan and Munn packed relocated to Nashville to pursue their dreams.

Courtesy of Atlantic Records
Courtesy of Atlantic Records

After a follow-up EP failed to build any traction, Dylan and Munn doubled-down on their dreams and dedicated themselves to release a song every two weeks until they had a hit. The first track that they published? “I Lost Myself.” The song caught the attention of Atlantic Records, who signed the young talent, re-released his song, and brought you this new music video. And here we are.