MK XYZ Teams With G-Eazy To Create A ‘Dope Visual Representation’ Of Her Vibe: Listen To ‘Pass It’

If you had no idea who MK XYZ was before, you do now. The young hip-hop star just dropped the captivating video for her new collab with G-Eazy, and she says it captures the spirit that 'radiates in everything I do.'

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From the start of “Pass It,” it’s clear that MK XYZ is not just a musician. The Florida-born, Atlanta-based artist makes it clear that she comes with an aesthetic, that she’s an artist whose vision and voice can’t be contained by a single medium. Visually, it’s clear that MK XYZ is a fashion icon in the making. Sonically, “Pass It” sees her effortlessly weave together the hard bravado from hip-hop with the soft seduction of R&B. Add in a dapper-looking G-Eazy for some extra attitude, and MK XYZ has delivered a perfect addition to your summer playlist.

“Pass it” is such a raw introduction to the “XYZ” in me,” she shares with HollywoodLife. The song and video, according to the young artist, is “a dope visual representation that is playful yet dominant. That’s something that radiates in everything I do.”

Justin Jackson

Early on, MK XYZ knew she was destined for the stage. Born Makaila Garcia to a Black mother and a Filipino father, she grew up in a home that was full of song and dance. “My dad was a break-dancer, and my mom did point ballet,” she said in her official bio, and both her parents encouraged MK to explore her creative side. She attended the Northwest School of Arts in Charlotte, focusing on musical theatre and dance. “I always had a strong desire to fulfill what I felt my true purpose was,” she explains. That “purpose” also meant living her truth, and at age 14, she came out. A year later, she released her first EP, Expectations, and began building an audience online.

MX XYZ and G-Eazy (Liz Sims)
Justin Jackson

“It took time,” she adds. “It took having dark moments. But having this queer space of ownership and acceptance has informed my music and really inspired my art and my fanbase. There are a lot of kids that have sent me messages like, ‘You stopped me from committing suicide.’ That hits different because you understand there’s a responsibility that comes with how you choose to influence. You got to be authentic. Like I am someone who is super masculine but wears makeup. So what if I have daddy energy with a pretty ass face.”

This authenticity will be seen on her forthcoming EP on Epic Records, Sweet Spot. Promising to deliver a mix of “up and down-tempo tracks,” the project will include “Pass It,” the previously released single “Lost,” and a collar with LilBaby. Clearly, it would be wrong to pass this one by when it’s released.