Isabela Merced Shares BTS Look At Her ‘apocalipsis’ Video & Reveals The Song Is Her ‘Analysis Of A Toxic Relationship’

Isabela Merced's EP has fans wanting more, and now we have an exclusive peak at the BTS look at her music vid for 'apocalipsis!'

Isabela Merced, who you might know as actress Isabela Moner, released her EP the better half of me within quarantine, and then gave fans the gift of a music video to one of her favorites from the album, “apocalipsis.” While plans changed surrounding her original idea for the vid because of the current pandemic, Isabela requested the help of her friend, Chazz Nittolo, to film a socially distant video for the song that she says tells the story of her former toxic relationship.

“The song kind of has three meanings behind it. The first is a toxic relationship that I was fresh out of and I said,’ I need to write a song about this’ and how I felt as if it was a diary or a journal. And then, a few months later I had been trying to write the second verse, but I just couldn’t come up with anything, I just kind of analyzed the toxic relationship, but from a wiser perspective,” Isabela explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “I realized I had a big part in this and I took responsibility — I felt like it takes two to tango, so it became more of a dance in that second meaning.”

Sami Drasin

She added that when we entered quarantine, the song took on a whole new meaning, once more, as we were living in what seemed like an actual apocalypse. “In the song, there’s a lyric like basically about self destruction. The fact that our senses are dimming and so are we, I feel like as humans, we’re not having a lot of social interaction, and we’re kind of stuck in this dance with our own psyche in quarantine,” Isabela said.

The Transformers actress opted for what she labeled a ‘Caribbean-feel’ with a melody that is ‘Puerto Rican’ inspired. She admitted that most of the lyrics for “apocalipsis” are words she wrote out in her Notes section on her iPhone to send to her ex, but never did and turned it into the song.

Sami Drasin

Isabela teased that there are several hidden meanings within the “apocalipsis” music video, which she points out further in the BTS video HL is exclusively premiering! “The video was all very DIY!” she laughed. “We had to get super creative, but I knew that if anyone shared my vision it would be Chazz.

Be sure to watch the BTS video of “apocalipsis” and download Isabela’s EP, the better half of me.

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