‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Hazel-E & Devon Diss Each Other During Brutal Rap Battle

The July 9 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' featured an epic rap battle that exposed the couples’ shocking resentment issues.

Love & Hip Hop star Hazel-E wanted to try and “slaughter” her boyfriend Devon‘s life during an epic rap battle on the July 9 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. But because she didn’t “want to embarrass him on Day 2”, she “took it easy” after stepping on stage. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t throw some heated jabs his way when she was behind the mic.

Not only did Hazel-E tell Devon that she often doesn’t “feel good enough” for him, but she revealed that whenever she seems him “scrollin'” she just “wants to give it up”. He then told her that he’s over her “attitude” and the “grudges” she holds against him, so it’s time for her to start “listening” to him.

The cast hollered and cheered for Devon after his verse, as they felt he had “a moment” and finally “grabbed his balls” for the first time while in boot camp. But when it was Hazel-E’s second turn at the mic, she rapped about their “violent, out of control issues”, how she’s tired of acting like his “mama”, and that she’s thinking about requesting a prenuptial agreement if they ever get married.

It was a mic drop moment and hit Devon hard, but their age difference has been a problem from the start, so he shouldn’t have been too surprised by her final blow.


All the other couples had their turns, too, but the most drama from this week’s episode was caused by Tahiry, when she unbuttoned her shirt in front of everyone and exposed her nipples. She was wearing a bralette, but it was basically see-through, so everyone saw what she’s working with. Everyone except her man because he was inside napping.

However, Hazel-E didn’t like that Tahiry was so free about exposing her breasts to other men, so Hazel-E went and told Vado. He then confronted Tahiry, and she shut him down because she didn’t like that another woman went behind her back to tattle on her.

And guess what? Phaedra Parks agreed. She sided with Tahiry and told Hazel-E that she shouldn’t ever do that again. Instead, she should confront the woman she’s upset with and then, they can deal with the issue on their own. She said bringing the men into it just makes their relationship issues that much harder to get through.

Want more drama? New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition air Thursdays at 9pm on WE tv.

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