Olivia Lunny Gets People To Open Up About Their Exes In ‘Think Of Me’ Video: It Was A ‘Wild Experience’

Though a relationship ends, feelings for your ex linger on. Olivia Lunny captures this longing in her new music video, and she tells us how it was shot during the pandemic.

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you think about your ex? Could you share those intimate feelings with the world? In Olivia Lunny‘s “Think of Me,” premiering here on HollywoodLife, the rising music star has a handful of willing singles open up about these bitter and sweet memories. As Olivia’s dreamy pop ode to a former love plays, these individuals hold signs reading “CLOSENESS,” “Drunk Calls,” “Insecurity,” “That Face,” “She Made Me Feel Like Me,” and other confessional reactions when they think of their ex.

It’s a perfect pairing to go along with Olivia’s song, a low-key bop that showcases her sharp songwriting while proving why she’s one to watch this year. As for the subject matter? “We’ve all been there, we’ve all reminisced about our exes,” Olivia tells HollywoodLife. “Sometimes it’s simply the warmth of another body or the fact that this person truly makes you feel like you. The ‘Think of Me’ video observes people’s reactions when asked about their ex. Maybe you’re not the only one driving yourself crazy? Maybe they’re actually thinking of you too?”

Getting intimate about how you might be still in love with your ex is one challenge. Shooting a music video in the middle of a pandemic is another, but Olivia tells HollywoodLife how she was able to pull it off. “Filming a music video virtually was a wild experience,” she says. “The restrictions around Covid-19 unfortunately, made flying to NYC impossible, SO — we had to get creative and find a way around this. Thankfully, with the help of mail, [the video’s director] Louis Browne and I were able to collaborate using a retro CamCorder and Facetime.”

Louis Browne

“Once my portion of Filming was done,” she adds, “the crew was able to film the remainder of the video whilst socially distancing on set. I’m so excited to get this video out into the world as It embodies the song so well and will act as a capsule that reminds me – even though things may not always go as we want them to, with adaptation and creativity we are still able to collaborate and make beautiful art!”

Lane Dorsey

Olivia has been making this beautiful art in her home of Canada for years and is poised to be the next big musical import from America’s neighbor to the north. Her appearance on season two of CTV’s The Launch not only saw her win the episode, but she also recorded “I Got You,” a Top 40 hit that has racked up millions of streams. Recently, she joined her fellow Canadian artists like Avril Lavigne, Michael Bublé and Justin Bieber to record a cover of “Lean On Me” in support of COVID-19 relief efforts.

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