Dr. Terry Dubrow Exposes More ‘Terrifying’ Doctors In ‘License To Kill’ Season 2 Trailer

Plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow, who is best known from 'Botched,' is taking a closer look at cases involving medical professionals who put their patients in jeopardy in this EXCLUSIVE 'License to Kill' trailer.

Terry Dubrow
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Image Credit: Oxygen

Some of you may know Dr. Terry Dubrow, 61, as the funny and incredible plastic surgeon from Botched or Heather Dubrows handsome husband on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but in License To Kill, the world-renowned plastic surgeon and certified expert for the California Medical Board exposes “terrifying” doctors who shouldn’t even have medical licenses. And that’s exactly what he’s doing again in the second season of the addictive reality TV series, which returns to Oxygen on Saturday, Aug. 8.

In the first trailer for season 2, Dr. Dubrow reminds viewers that “doctors and nurses take an oath to first do no harm. But this new chilling season of License To Kill proves that some medical professionals intentionally cause harm.” The 60-second clip proves that by highlighting horrific accounts of patients put into jeopardy by medical professionals. One doctor calls a situation a “shop of horrors.”

Another person talks about how one woman was killing people’s children to “make a dollar.” The images and words are pretty frightening, but Dr. Dubrow’s ominous final words are ever scarier: “There’s nothing more terrifying than a deranged mind with a license to kill.”

Dr. Terry Dubrow in Oxygen’s ‘License to Kill.’

The premiere episode follows Dr. Anthony Pignataro, a New York-based plastic surgeon who gained notoriety for inventing a “snap-on” hairpiece. After falsifying credentials and harming patients during routine cosmetic surgeries, investigators uncovered dark secrets surrounding the criminal doctor. The 12-episode season chronicles harrowing tales including a Las Vegas man who posed as a natural doctor performing invasive medical procedures in highly unsanitary conditions; a doctor who over-prescribed opioids to unsuspecting college-aged men; an incompetent cosmetic surgeon who preyed on a disenfranchised community; a pharmacist who diluted his cancer patient’s chemotherapy treatments; and a pain management specialist who aided in the opioid addiction of an entire town.

The series recounts how authorities stopped these medical professionals’ malpractice to seek justice for the victims that were harmed or put in jeopardy. Each one-hour episode is told from the perspective of victims, families, colleagues, and law enforcement, and exposes what happens when the hands that should heal are used to cause harm on vulnerable patients seeking medical attention. License To Kill, which debuted in 2019 with an initial 8-episode season, returns Aug. 8 at 6 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

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