Rebel Wilson Shows Off Her Weight Loss In Tight Black Leggings During Trip To The Zoo

Rebel Wilson got to be a part of 'so much fun and cuteness' during her recent trip to the Sydney Zoo with one of her friends! The actress showed off the results of her ongoing weight loss by wearing tight black leggings. See the pics!

Rebel Wilson got in touch with her wild side during her June 30 trip to the Sydney Zoo with pal Jono Castano! In the series of photos that the actress, 40, shared to her Instagram, the Aussie native posed with red pandas and a slew of meerkats at the zoo’s new interactive area. Rebel sported a pair of black leggings that accentuated her body perfectly, and fashioned a matching long-sleeve black top to go with it! With her hair done up in a bun, she was ready for a safari!

But Rebel’s post also came with some major news. “Okay I am going off social media – like starting from now,” the Pitch Perfect star confessed at the beginning of her caption. However, before taking a hiatus from the platform where she’s been sharing her healthy weight loss journey, Rebel took the time to explain to fans why she was hanging out with meerkats in her latest batch of photos!

Rebel explained that, although she was taking some time away from social media, she “did have to show you guys stuff from my day [at The Sydney Zoo] where [Jono Castano] and I were the ‘testers’ for their new Meerkat Encounter and Red Panda Encounter – so much fun and cuteness! Thanks D for organizing,” Rebel finished her caption, adding a sweet little koala emoji!

Although Rebel’s break from social media may come as a shock to fans, the star has been incredibly busy devoting herself to rigorous workouts while still working on new projects for fans to enjoy. Prior to announcing her break, Rebel had been sharing the results of her hard work at the gym, and even giving fans a glimpse at some of her exercises she’s been doing around Australia — including when she did laps up and down the steps of the iconic Sydney Opera House!

Of course, even the stars need to take some time away to recharge and refocus, and that appears to be what Rebel plans to do away from social media. She’s been very candid about her healthy journey to lose weight over the course of the last few months, explaining during her June 13 interview with Australia’s Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa that she’s “been trying to work on my mind, listen to a lot of podcasts about it and trying to learn and grow. Because it is half in your mind as well. It’s been going well though. Hopefully by the end of this pandemic I’ll be ripped!”

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