Hannah Godwin’s Sleek & Elegant Hair: Stylist Bradley Leake’s Tutorial To Get Her Polished Look For Summer Events

If you're attending a small summer wedding or have a socially distanced date planned, Hannah Godwin's girly sleek look by Bradley Leake is the perfect (& easy!) hairstyle to do!

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Hannah Godwin
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As life is starting to move forward, outdoor seating is open and weddings and events have been downsized but are happening, we also have to start to make ourselves presentable once again. Gone are the days we can remain in a top knot and our pajamas all day, unfortunately! Luckily, celebrity hairstylist Bradley Leake had an easy and elegant style he did on none other than Hannah Godwin for you to master for any event! Plus, it takes minimal products, so you can do easily from home with what you’ve got!

Courtesy of Bradley Leake

To begin, create a center part using a comb to guide you. Then, pull up the back section of your hair, using your ear as a guide. Secure the hair with a scrunchie and pull it out of the way to focus on the front half of your hair. Spray ColorWow hairspray on the front pieces and smooth down the top of the hair with comb or hair tooth brush. For those with more textured hair, use a pomade for stronger hold. Apply basic b no crease clip to hold the hair in place and train it flat. Pull the front pieces to the nape of the neck and secure them with an elastic.

Now, to the hair lifted in a scrunchie! Let it down and first apply Hidden Crown Hair clip-in extensions for added length and fullness. Sandwich the extensions on top of each other in the back of the head for that additional luscious and elegant length and volume. To create a little bit of that retro look Hannah has, back brunch the hair at the crown of the head for some lift. Finally, add texture to ends using a flat iron or curling iron by doing some soft curls.

Bradley gave a full breakdown of the look you can watch on HollywoodLife’s IGTV, now! Or, watch the video above for the tutorial.