Celebrating Pride With ‘Drag Race’ Alum Kim Chi: Why Pride Isn’t Just ‘A Time To Party’ For Her

'RuPaul's Drag Race' alum Kim Chi stressed the importance of why Pride Month goes beyond the partying in our EXCLUSIVE interview with her.

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Kim Chi
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Kim Chi‘s career undoubtably exploded when she made her legendary entrance into the Drag Race werk room at the beginning of the Emmy-winning series 8th season. Her incredible fashions, engaging personality, wit, vulnerability and so much more made her an instant fan favorite with the program’s die hard fan base. All this time later she’s one of the most followed RPDR queens with a whopping 1.9 million Instagram fans who can’t get enough of whatever she has to offer.

It’s been a sky’s the limit kind of deal for her ever since. She’s been able to succeed in so many aspects of the entertainment business including hosting her popular web series M.U.G. with fellow Drag Race alum and BFF Naomi Smalls, appearing in a bunch of amazing Todrick Hall music videos and developing her own cosmetics line launched last year called Kim Chi Chic.

Kim Chi
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Kim also has a ton of fun things coming up including Drive ‘N Drag! Produced by Voss Events, this outdoor summer concert series will take place July 17-19th at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey and July 24-26th in Los Angeles and will feature her and other RPDR stars like Yvie Oddly, Aquaria, Asia O’Hara. Attendees will get the live theatrical experience from the safety of inside or on top of their cars with concert style stage and lighting, Jumbotron screens and sound pumped outside from the stage and through every car via FM transmitters.

Kim chatted with us EXCLUSIVELY about all things Pride Month including how she’s honoring it while in quarantine, who her ultimately LGBTQ icon is and so much more!

How are you honoring Pride Month while in quarantine? Currently many people are fighting for human lives, especially black lives. I am trying to do my part by raising awareness sharing as much info as I can, helping out charities and attending peaceful protests which is all very important right now.

How do you normally celebrate Pride Month? Attending various pride events.

Do you go to a parade? Yes! It felt freeing and uplifting to gather with various LGBTQIA+ with their allies and celebrate freedom of expression! (this is pre-pandemic obviously).

Kim Chi
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What does Pride mean to you? Being true to yourself while embracing other people’s way of life but also remembering everyone who’s sacrificed themselves so we could have the right that we have today. Never forget that first Pride was a riot!

Who is your ultimate LGBTQ icon? The legendary and iconic Marsha P. Johnson!

What advice do you have for LGBTQ celebrating their first Pride this year? We’re going through a time where our government is actively trying to take away our basic human rights. Fight fascism, fight homophobia, fight transphobia and remember that black lives matter. We’re in the middle of a historic human rights movement fighting against the oppressive regime. Remember that pride isn’t a time to party and get drunk on the streets but it’s a time to fight for the rights of us and our allies.