WWE’s Paige Reveals What Baby Gift She’d Buy Pregnant Becky Lynch With Vince McMahon’s Credit Card

What would you do with WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon's money? We posed that question to Paige, and she gave us the best answer.

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Think fast – what would you buy your best friend’s future child if you had a billion dollars? Everything, right? Would it be the greatest nursery ever or maybe endless amounts of diapers? According to Paige, the answer is unique and brilliantly simple.

The retired WWE Superstar and co-host of WWE Backstage thinks that if she had Vince McMahon’s credit card, she would get something the little one and the whole family would likely use and enjoy a lot, as she candidly gushed, “Oh my God, if I had Vince McMahon’s credit card? I would get so much. I feel like I would take that T-Rex head he has in his office as a gift but then also I would buy another Performance Center because you know that kid is going to become a wrestler right? You know that wrestling is in the baby’s blood for sure! Its got to be a wrestler!” she EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

Becky Lynch, 33, who is pregnant with her and fiancé (and fellow WWE Superstar) Seth Rollins‘, 33, first child after making the exciting announcement during the May 11 episode of WWE Raw, would probably take such a lovely gift since the current WWE Performance Center is where both Becky and Seth honed their skills in the ring. It’s also where the WWE teaches their future talent.

But the excitement doesn’t end there, as Paige has been feeling gleeful about the pregnancy news altogether, telling us, “Yeah! I think it is incredible and I am super happy for her. I feel like she is doing… She is marching to the beat of her own drum right? And she is doing it her way and this is the perfect moment to be pregnant. She is going out on top, when she comes back we will be so happy to see her again. She has done everything and she did it all herself and I think that is absolutely incredible, and now she is going off to be a Mom and I think that is so beautiful.”

We couldn’t agree more! With Seth Rollins being the baby’s father, Paige might be right on target when it comes to her gift idea because we can only imagine Seth will want his baby to be a wrestler in the future. The future is bright to say the least, and just like Paige, we can’t wait to see what happens on the journey ahead. Paige added, “I feel so amazing and can’t be prouder of her and I know she is going to be a wonderful Mom and Seth is going to be a wonderful Dad. So congratulations to both of them!”

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