Danielle Cohn Parties With A Live Tiger & More Big Cats In Fun New Music Video ‘Do It Better’

Danielle Cohn EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife how she was initially 'nervous' to perform with a 'real tiger' in her new music video. The TikTok queen also reveals what was the 'inspiration' behind her romantic song!

Move over Tiger KingDanielle “Dani” Cohn is the queen of the jungle! The 15-year-old princess of TikTok, who boasts more than 18 million followers, gets frighteningly close to a tiger, lion and more exotic felines in her new music video for “Do It Better” that was shot in Miami, which dropped on June 19. “The whole shoot was really fun! The animals were the best part, I was super excited but also nervous to perform next to a real tiger that could literally just turn around and eat me while I was performing but once we started everything went amazing and I realized he was just a big kitty!,” Danielle EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He even jumped on a tree while I was performing to scratch it and it reminded me of my bengal cats!”

While the music video is an ode to Dani’s love for cats, the song itself was a tribute to her boyfriend, fellow social media star Mikey Tua. “My relationship with my boyfriend was the inspiration for this song. I wanted a song that represents everything we’ve gone through and how we are stronger than ever,” Dani told us, after confirming their reunion in April.

Dani can’t wait for TikTok’s reaction to her highly danceable song. “Honestly I just hope everyone loves the song as much as I do! A lot went into this project and I can’t wait to see the amazing dances my supporters come up with!,” she told us. However, Dani is also considering the long-term impact her presence on social media can have, which totals up to a whopping 25 million followers across all her channels.

Danielle Cohn
Photo Courtesy of Nikki Parimore (@nikkiparimore)

“With everything going on in the world right now I really want to use my platform for change and as much positivity as possible,” Dani revealed. “So I’ve already been switching my content up to what my supporters request a lot and tell me that they enjoy! I love hearing their input and ideas for my channel because they are the ones watching and I want them to feel like they are more involved.”

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