Salma Hayek, 53, Gets Rid Of Her Grey Roots With New Hair Makeover: Before & After Pics

After more than three months in quarantine, Salma Hayek finally got her hair done to cover up her grey roots -- and she showed off before and after pics of the makeover!

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Salma Hayek, 53, is never afraid to strip things down and show off her natural beauty. The actress kept it real with her latest Instagram post, where she showed off how much her grey roots grew in during the coronavirus quarantine. She shared that she was finally able to cover up the grey, and revealed the stunning post-dye look look as well.

In Salma’s “before” picture, her hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail, with her grey roots visible at the front of her head. She was completely makeup-free in the pic, with her glowing skin on full display. Of course, her post-makeover pic was just as beautiful. This time, Salma’s hair was blown out straight to fully show off the new, lighter brown color. She wore minimal makeup, as well.

salma hayek
Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock

“In anticipation for reshoots, I finally had to do my roots,” Salma explained in the photo’s caption. Salma has been keeping it real with fans throughout her entire time in quarantine. She has not been shy about posting makeup-free, unedited pics, and her followers have been blown away by how stunning she looks, even in the simplest selfies.

In addition to sharing gorgeous photos, though, Salma has also used her platform for other, more important purposes. She has publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death on May 25. Plus, Salma has also shared stories of other innocent people who have been affected by police brutality while demanding that it needs to end.

One story that Salma has heavily promoted is Vanessa Guillen’s — a 20-year-old US Army soldier who went missing on April 22. “Her mother, Gloria, claims that she had complained to her about a sergeant sexually harassing her,” Salma explained. “When her mother advised her to report him, Vanessa said other women had reported him and they were not believed. Vanessa and Gloria, I believe you and I pledge to put Vanessa’s photos on my stories every day until she is found.” Salma has since lived up to that promise