David Schwimmer’s Adorable Daughter Cleo, 9, Shaves Her Head: Before & After Pics

David Schwimmer has a daring young daughter when it comes to her hairstyles. Her mom gave her a buzzcut after nine-year-old Cleo wanted to 'challenge today's norms'

David Schwimmer, Zoe Buckman and daughter Cleo
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While Friends star David Schwimmer has kept his only child out of the limelight while growing up, his nine-year-old daughter Cleo is making a name for herself thanks to a massive hair makeover. David’s ex-wife Zoe Buckman likes showing the world how progressive Cleo is via her Instagram page, and that includes her desire to have her head shaved. The 34-year-old artist and photographer personally took a pair of hair clippers and helped Cleo get rid of her long brunette locks, after her daughter begged for the buzzcut for “months.”

Zoe shared a series of since-deleted photos to her Instagram account on June 13 to document the process, and you can still see one snap above. The first picture showed the “after” look, with Cleo rocking a completely shaved head while looking into the camera with a serious expression. The next photo featured Cleo brightly smiling, as Zoe was in the process of shaving off her locks, which were halfway gone already. The final picture was immediately after Cleo’s buzzcut was newly completed.

Here’s how Cleo’s long hair looked during a mother-daughter trip to India in Jan. 2020:

Zoe is so proud of her daughter for “challenging” society’s norms. She wrote in the caption, “The world is saying “bun (sic) it down and rebuild’ and the babies are listening. I see how kids today challenge norms and standards in a way that we didn’t, and that, amongst other things, gives me hope! One love.”

David Schwimmer, Zoe Buckman and daughter Cleo
David Schwimmer, then-wife Zoe Buckman and their daughter Cleo as seen together in 2015. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

One fan told her that she and Cleo had fallen for an online prank trying to get women to shave their heads in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. But Zoe said that Cleo has been pleading with her parents for ages to get the hairstyle, and did it for more than just a statement.

“My daughter’s been begging us to buzz her hair for months on end. She is sick of knots and tangles and she feels free and so happy now. I would never encourage or persuade her to do something with her body. She launched her own campaign and we just let her be her…which is ultimately our job,” Zoe responded to the user.

Zoe’s own hairdresser responded that Cleo is a chip off her mother’s block. lisalaudat1 commented, “I can remember cutting your hair off. She is just like you. She looks absolutely beautiful just like you did xxxx.” Meanwhile another mom said she just cut her daughter’s hair in the same way. User kris_akco commented, “Yes girl, I just did this to my 9yo as well about two weeks now, she loves it! She came up to me and said ‘finally I am beautiful.” Cleo looks so beautiful with her new ‘do as well. 

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