Angelina Pivarnick Gets A Butt Lift To ‘Restore Volume’ & Documents The Entire Procedure — Watch

After struggling with weight fluctuation, 'Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick got butt injections to 'restore volume' to the area -- and she let her fans into the doctor's office (virtually) with her to watch it happen!

Angelina Pivarnick
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If you thought starring on Jersey Shore was an intimate look into Angelina Pivarnick‘s life, has she got a surprise for you. The reality star, 33, took fans to the doctor’s office with her on Instagram Live, letting them get up close and personal while she had a “Band-aid butt lift.” Angelina was cheerful and candid in the video, which showed her lying on a table while wearing a snakeskin patterned protective face mask. She took her followers through every step as her surgeon, Dr. John Paul Tutela, administered injections.


She explained in the video, as well as the caption, why she was undergoing the procedure, which she called “restoration for volume in hip dips.” Angelina revealed that because of weight fluctuations over the years, she’s “lost a lot of volume” in her butt. The injections will “help restore the volume,” according to the Couples Therapy alum. She assured her fans that the butt injections didn’t hurt one bit; she was numbed before anything began.

The doctor revealed in the video that she’ll have to come back for two to four more rounds of injections, six weeks apart. But Angelina can handle it; this isn’t the first time the Lasahelina Lashes founder has undergone a cosmetic procedure. In fact, she had breast implants and a breast lift in April 2019, before her wedding to Chris Larangeira. And yes, Dr. Tutela did them, as well. She told HollywoodLife about the experience EXCLUSIVELY in February 2020.

Angelina Pivarnick
Angelina Pivarnick (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

“The reason I had them done is because I struggled my whole life with fluctuation of weight and basically they were sagging,” Angelina told us. “They were not as up there as they should be for my age. I’ve never had children and I didn’t understand why they were droopy. I wasn’t confident and I didn’t feel I was able to wear bathing suits without an insert in them.” She added that being on TV, she wanted to be able to wear whatever kind of top she wanted. With her butt lift, she’s feeling better than ever!

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