Erika Jayne Is Criticized For Sharing Sexy Snap Amid Worldwide Protests – ‘Not A Good Time To Post This’

Erika Jayne posted an eye-catching photo of herself in a sheer animal-print outfit but some followers thought the photo was inappropriate since 'the world is mourning'.

Erika Jayne, 48, got her Instagram followers’ attention on June 4 when she posted a super sexy photo of herself, but not all of it was positive. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star received some backlash after she posted the gorgeous pic, which shows her posing with her hands on her hips in an animal-print sheer top over a black bra, matching pants and a matching long open coat, and it’s all because of the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests going on in the wake of George Floyd‘s tragic death.

Erika Jayne
Courtesy of Instagram

“Not a good time to post this picture. America is in mourning,” one follower wrote while another asked her to “Please show up to a peaceful protest in that.” A third follower wrote, “Please use your platform for something positive” and a fourth had a more lengthy response that partly read, “I always viewed you as an ally, but here you have such a big platform yet aren’t using it to speak out against black hate and racism and condemn police brutality.”

Erika’s latest post isn’t the first one to receive a lot of attention in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests. On June 2, Blackout Tuesday, the reality beauty posted a black square image to Instagram like so many other celebs to honor the Black Lives Matter movement and although it was meant to show support, one follower called her out because her son Tommy Zizzo, 28, is a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. “Your son is an officer!” the now-deleted comment read referring to the police brutality against black people that protesters are fighting against.

Protesters carry signs for justice for George Floyd. (Shutterstock)

Erika didn’t hesitate to respond and defend her son. “My son was brought up NOT to be racist,” she wrote. “His job is to protect and serve ALL not just people that have his skin color. F–k you and stay off my page.”

Erika Jayne
Erika Jayne looking sexy in an older photo. (Shutterstock)

Before Erika defended her son, many police officers trying to maintain control at the protests, including those from the LAPD, have made headlines for using forceful things like rubber bullets, tear gas, and pepper spray to keep some protesters away from certain areas and to breakup some violence. Celebrities like Halsey and Madison Beer, who have protested in L.A., have reported the activity in public posts on social media.

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