‘RHONY’: Leah Throws A Ravioli At Ramona & Dorinda Exposes Tinsley’s Rekindled Romance With Scott

Pasta went flying across the room during the June 4 episode of 'RHONY', when Leah became so aggravated with both Ramona and Sonja that she threw a single ravioli at them.

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The June 4 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City kicked off with Tinsley Mortimer hosting a dinner for the group on their last night in Newport. But the night quickly began to spiral once Ramona Singer became distracted by a man at the bar. And from that point forward, the night went completely off the rails.

It’s quite sad actually because Tinsley is friends with someone who works or owns the restaurant, so she was hoping the ladies would be on their best behavior while inside the establishment. But as soon as Ramona, Sonja Morgan, and Luann de Lesseps showed up, they started acting crazy. Sonja ran to the ladies’ room, while Ramona went upstairs to see if any hot single men were floating around.

She eventually found a man sitting at the bar downstairs, and immediately started flirting with him. Ramona also completely ignored Tinsley, who kept requesting that they all sit down so they could order some food together. She and Sonja claimed that they were having more fun at the bar, so they had no interest in sitting down with Tinsley, Dorinda Medley, Leah McSweeney, and Leah’s sister, who joined them all for their last night in Newport.

Sadly, Ramona and Sonja never joined the group, so Leah asked the man, who happened to be engaged and from Arkansas, to stop talking to her friends. He basically told her to “f*** off”, which upset her even more, so she threw a ravioli at the ladies for being so disrespectful and then stormed out of the restaurant.

A few days later, when everyone was back in NYC, Dorinda and Luann co-hosted a tea party as an attempt to help the ladies relax and reset. But all it did was cause more friction. Leah apologized to Ramona for her behavior, and Ramona forgave her, but Dorinda later pissed Tinsley off when she told her that she knew Tinsley had recently met up with Scott Kluth in Niagara Falls. Tinsley didn’t deny it, but she said she wasn’t ready to tell the group.

Dorinda didn’t care and basically forced her to tell everyone because she felt like she was being deceptive. Tinsley eventually broke down in tears while admitting that she may be rekindling her romance with Scott, but everyone made her feel better when they told her to go for it and make sure he “puts a ring on it”.

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