‘RHONY’ Recap: Ramona Kicks Dorinda Out Of Her Apartment, Tells Sonja To Lose Weight

Following their recent trip to the orchard, the ladies of 'The Real Housewives of New York City' gathered for a day at the spa. But instead of relaxing, they ended up arguing.

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Even though the ladies were back in NYC during the May 21 episode, The Real Housewives of New York City were still dealing with the fallout from their recent trip to the orchard. More specifically, the group attempted to talk about Dorinda Medley insulting Tinsley Mortimer, but things quickly took a turn for the worst when Ramona Singer chimed in. And this all happened while the ladies were enjoying a spa day at a Russian bath house, so their relaxing day didn’t end so comfortably.

“Tinsley felt ganged up on—which, rightly so, because everybody kind of jumped down her throat,” Luann de Lesseps began after Leah McSweeney begged the group to at least “acknowledge” how their orchard hangout turned into a complete “s***show”. But Dorinda said she only told Tinsley that her chewing gum lasts longer than her relationships because Tinsley said something about her ex-boyfriend, John Mahdessian.

However, Ramona didn’t care why it happened — she just wanted everyone to “figure out ways it doesn’t happen again.” Then, Ramona turned to Dorinda and said she had something she wanted to say. “Dorinda, don’t be mad at me…because I really thought about it before coming here. And I know I’m not perfect, okay?” she began. “God knows I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time. I’m trying to get better. You advise me on a lot of things, Dorinda. I respect you tremendously.”

Ramona continued, “But I realize that for some reason, you have a pattern—and I love you, don’t get me wrong—after someone upsets you, you go for the jugular. You go below the belt and you really hurt people. And I don’t think you even realize you do it. And I think after you do it, you feel bad about it.”

Dorinda then clapped back, saying, “You do it all the time so you should recognize it very well. You do it all the time,” before Leah yelled, “Zing!”

“See, that’s what you do, Dorinda. I’m just gonna stop right now,” Ramona yelled back. “That’s your problem. I’m gonna stop it now. I’m just gonna stop it because that’s really sh***y.”

And even though the day quickly ended, the drama didn’t stop there. Later in the episode, Ramona hosted a cocktail party at her apartment. She invited a few of her girlfriends, including Dorinda and Sonja Morgan, but when Ramona and Dorinda started rehashing what went down at the bath house, their disagreement reached a boiling point. Ramona threw shade at Dorinda for constantly acting like her late husband Richards just passed away, and Dorinda clapped back with a diss about Ramona’s dating life. Things got so heated that Ramona kicked Dorinda out of her apartment, and because Ramona had previously told Sonja that she needs to lose weight, Sonja left, too.
But they didn’t get far — before the elevator came, Ramona chased after them, shed some “crocodile tears” and begged them to come back inside. They obliged and hugged it out.

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