‘Sweet Magnolias’ Anneliese Judge Teases Annie’s ‘Fluctuating Relationship’ With Her Mom

Actress Anneliese Judge from the new Netflix series 'Sweet Magnolias' spoke to HL about her character Annie & working with Brooke Elliott.

Netflix is here with another fantastic show for you to binge while in quarantine! The highly-anticipated Sweet Magnolias drops May 19th on the streaming service, starring JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Heather Headley and Brooke Elliott. The show will also feature several new faces as the teen Magnolias, including Anneliese Judge. The fresh face who plays Annie Sullivan, the daughter of Brooke’s Dana Sue Sullivan, spoke to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview about the new show and how fans will resonate with her character. “Annie and her mom, Dana Sue, definitely have a really strong relationship, but we also see a lot of anger from Annie. Her parents have been separated for about 18 months and while she lives with her mom, she misses her dad a lot and we see a lot of anger and bitterness towards her mom,” Anneliese explained. “It fluctuates. As Annie goes through her own struggles, we see the relationship between she and her mom ebb and flow. It’s really something the audience will be able to connect to, I think.”

Anneliese added that she and Brooke developed a strong relationship off camera, that helped them achieve their strong mother-daughter portrayal in Sweet Magnolias. “She’s incredible, and not only is she so nice, but she’s incredibly talented, as well. I learned so much from her and I feel like we’ve gotten so close,” the young actress said. She also admitted to helping Brooke when she joined Instagram last week, and that the Drop Dead Diva actress gave her college advice while they were working together on the show.

When it comes to Annie, Anneliese explained that she’s a small town girl with a big world mentality, who “can’t wait to escape” the small southern town of Serenity. “She’s a really relatable character just trying to find herself balancing school, her after-school job and her social life,” she said. “She learns some pretty hard lessons along the way.”

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We can’t wait to see what’s to come for Annie Sullivan and the other teen Magnolias in Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias. Make sure to binge now!

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