‘Top Chef: LA’ Preview: Kevin Accuses Brian Of Stealing His Team’s Place Settings Idea

The competition is more intense than ever, especially during Restaurant Wars. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Top Chef: LA,' Kevin goes off on Brian and accuses him of stealing his team's idea.

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It’s officially time for Restaurant Wars on Top Chef: LA. The Country Captain’s Kevin and Karen have big plans for this challenge. “We are serving our meal family-style, so we actually need a lot of plates,” Karen says in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new Top Chef: LA. “We want them to feel reflective of the cuisine.” She admits this challenge is going to be “tough, but it’s also Restaurant Wars so what are you doing to do? Make 4 dishes [and] call it a day? You’re going to push yourselves.”

However, Restaurant Wars always bring drama. Kann’s Brian and Lee Anne end up choosing the exact same plates as Kevin and Karen. Kevin notices and doesn’t hesitate to call out Brian. “Of all these f*cking plates, you guys couldn’t’ find anything else that worked then to take our already established place settings?” Kevin asks Brian.

Brian doesn’t view the situation that way. “It’s the best plate ware, and it just happens to work for both concepts,” Brian says. Kevin believes Brian and Lee Anne just took their idea. Lee Anne apologizes and says it wasn’t intentional. Karen tells Lee Anne to think of this situation in reverse. Karen knows Lee Anne would be pissed.

The synopsis for the May 7 episode reads: “It’s Restaurant Wars and this season Padma takes all the limitations off the table as the chefs can make as much food as they want and shop wherever they choose. The two winning chefs from last week’s concept challenge are given 48 hours to pick their teams, and make the restaurants they pitched come to life.” Top Chef: LA airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.