Christian French’s New Song Is All About ‘Checking Myself’ When His Thoughts Are ‘Too Much’

Getting lost in thought isn't that great if you can't find your way back. Christian French tells us about how he highlights this struggle on his new jam 'i think too much,' and what he misses most since 'sheltering in place.'

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Sometimes, it’s good to take a moment and just think. Self-reflection, meditation, and introspection leads to a better understanding of a problem, of the world, of yourself. Yet, as Christian French will attest, sometimes you can think too much. The alt-pop singer captured this folly on his new track, appropriately titled, “i think too much,” a charming bop that radiates happiness amidst these dark times. With a bouncy guitar lick that bursts like sunlight cutting through rainclouds, Christian’s voice floats along with the chill instrumental track, like a daydreamer walking through their day.

“As I’ve become more aware of what’s going through my head, I really have started to notice how much I think,” Christian tells HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview, after being asked if a specific moment or situation inspired the song. “I’ve always considered myself an introspective person who really likes to think deeply through situations, but sometimes I end up thinking TOO much, and it becomes counterproductive. Thinking too much is definitely something that happens often, but I’ve become comfortable with navigating it & ‘checking myself.'”

So, when was the last time Christian ‘checked himself’ for overthinking? “I was meditating last night and just could not get into the zone because my thoughts were spinning around so much,” he tells HollywoodLife. I would try to focus on my breath, and literally seconds later, I’d get sidetracked thinking about something. After a while, I finally started to focus, and I started to feel really relaxed. Instead of hanging onto this feeling, I tried to squeeze some sort of ‘inspiration’ out and tried to make sense of why I was feeling so calm, and soon enough I was thinking so much that it pulled me out of the experience and I wasn’t as calm anymore.”

Mickey Mars
Mickey Mars

It’s a message that will resonate with anyone going stir-crazy within their homes – and within their heads – during this period of self-isolation. In addition to giving the quarantined a new anthem to help distract them from their thoughts, “i think too much” continues the momentum Christian has been building since he left his native home of Fisher, Indiana, for Los Angeles. While pursuing his dream, Christian released his first single, “love ride,” in 2018. It racked up over 19 million streams globally, and he topped that the next year. 2019 saw him release his bright side of the moon EP, which contains his hit, “head first.” While COVID-19 might have put concerts on hold, Christian’s star will continue to rise.

Speaking of which, what’s Christian planning to do once the quarantine is lifted? “Honestly, I’m just excited to be with my friends again. Since the tour ended on March 12th, I’ve been in Indiana with my parents, and the only real time I’ve had to hang out is through zoom or FaceTime,” he tells HollywoodLife. “I’m not a huge fan of the bar/party scene, and honestly, a perfect night to me is hanging out at my house with my friends anyway, so not a lot will change in that sense. I haven’t been in Los Angeles in 2 months, and I miss it so much!”

i think too much” is out now.

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