Wendy Williams Accuses Denise Richards Of ‘Wanting Attention’ With ‘RHOBH’ Drama: ‘She’ll Be Back’

Wendy Williams is calling Denise Richards' bluff! The host reacted to the explosive season 12 premiere of 'RHOBH,' in which upcoming scenes showed Denise fleeing from show cameras after news broke about her alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

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Wendy Williams & Denise Richards
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Wendy Williams isn’t buying Denise Richards‘ climactic exit after new previews for season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed her storming off and threatening to quit the show all together. The new season centers around Denise’s “big secret,” which is being teased as an alleged affair with friend of group and former RHOBH full-timer, Brandi Glanville.

“Denise, first of all you’re not going anywhere,” Wendy said on the @ Home version of her talk show on April 20. “Denise threatened to quit the show. I don’t think she’ll quit, I think she’ll be back. She just wants attention, You’ve got my attention, but not in the way that I believe you,” the host continued, noting that Denise “looks terrific” in the new season.

At the end of last week’s season 12 premiere of RHOBH, it was confirmed that Denise stopped filming with the cast in December 2019 after her alleged affair with Brandi was exposed in the press during a cast trip to Rome. Other forthcoming scenes showed a flustered Denise leaving a cast dinner, as well as a party at Kyle Richards‘ home. In one scene, Denise grabs her husband, Aaron Phypers and instructs him not to say a “f–king word” on camera.

“I’m gonna tell you something and this is just me talking to you — I can believe it,” Wendy said about Denise and Brandi’s alleged affair. “Look, Saint Denise, we only call you Saint Denise because you really cleaned up your act… Here’s one thing that we won’t forget, where you got started. She got started with Charlie Sheen,” Wendy said about Denise’s ex-husband. “You know, if you get started with him, there’s nothing innocent about that. She knows all the tricks, up and down and all night long, with everyone and everything with a pulse.”

Just before the season 12 premiere of RHOBH concluded, Denise appeared in a confessional all dolled up and ready to chat. — A clear teaser that there’s more to come from the mysterious housewife.

It’s still unclear about what went down between Brandi and Denise. Brandi continues to allude that they hooked up in various posts on social media. However, Denise has denied the rumors through her representative.

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