Picture This Just ‘Can’t Seem To Let Go Of’A Romantic ‘Troublemaker’ In A Groovy New Song

Sometimes, love is more trouble than its worth – but sometimes, it’s so, so worth it. Picture This finds this out the hard way in their new bop about falling for a ‘Troublemaker.’

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Picture This’s new song opens with a bouncing bassline, one that will take lead vocalist Ryan Hennessy on a stroll right to the corner of Heartbreak and Vine. By the end of “Troublemaker,” out today (April 17), there will be crying, a poor sap laying knocked out on the floor, and Ryan wondering if how he ended up falling for a woman who is nothing but trouble. It’s a delightful tour of twisted love, an undeniable fun jam that seemingly matches the quirkiness of Cake’s “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” and the emotional turmoil of lust and confusion expressed best in The Offspring’s “Self-Esteem.” The band – Ryan, Jimmy Rainsford, Owen Cardiff, and Cliff Deane – deliver a track full of infectious grooves, clever lyrics, and the right dash of attitude. After listening to “Troublemaker,” it’s not hard to picture how Picture This will soon become your new favorite band.

So, where did this song come from? “ ‘Troublemaker’ is a song about a love that seems doomed and volatile, but has so much spark and excitement that you just can’t seem to let it go,” says Ryan in a statement. “It’s a battle between two lovers who are both full of attitude and cockiness, love, and life, and it’s an explosive combination – but it just feels so good.”

“It’s about a girl that got me into so much trouble, but it was trouble that we could call our own, and in a twisted way it made our bond stronger. It’s a sexy unpredictability.  This one is for the troublemakers, the free spirits, the impulsive souls, and the outright lovers!” he adds.

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Though, the band isn’t out causing or falling for trouble during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. The group has been safely sequestered away. As to how they’ve been passing the time in quarantine, Ryan tells HollywoodLife that he’s been “listening to a lot of Gracie Abrams recently I really love her heartbreaking lyrics and her delicate melodies. I’m excited to see where she goes.” Jimmy adds, “Dua Lipa is someone I’ve been listening to a lot of. Her new album is unstoppable, and I love seeing artists like that transcend to new heights.”

Ryan also says he’s been catching up on Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. He also recommends Dickinson on AppleTV+. “It’s about Emily Dickinson, and she’s portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld, which is a brilliant casting. Also binge-watched I Am Not Okay With This and loved every second.” Jimmy, on the other hand, has taken a moment to develop his skills behind the boards. “I’ve been watching the online series of Mix With The Masters to learn more about music production! Something I’ve delved into now that I’ve got time to brush up on the technical side of things.”

Picture a world where Picture This comes to your town. Hopefully, it’s a world that’s in the not-too-distant future. The band, dubbed Ireland’s “hottest musical export in decades,” just finished touring across Europe with the Jonas Brothers. They’ll be returning to the stage – sorta – this Saturday, April 18, as part of One World: Together At Home, a digital telecast in support of healthcare workers in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Troublemaker” is out now.